Friday, 22 August 2008

There I go again

Surprise, surprise… I am at the airport. Again. In the next 2 days I am going to make my presence felt in 3 cities, flying in and flying out using 3 different airlines, now anybody wants to fucking do a survey on customer satisfaction study on frequent flyers then you know who the fuck to go to. I sound angry don't I? well the answer to that is really fucking simple innit, I am fucking pissed off. Well I love travelling and then there are these people who take it upon themselves to fucking ruin my happy place, the airport. Who are these people who do such a grotesque act of spoiling one's travel mood?

Well, let me see, lets first start off with the guys sitting in fucking Mumbai working in devil's own department called "Accounts". Well, I have tried really long and hard to endear myself to them, I have been nice, polite and courteous and tried explaining deep things to them, like what you ask me? I will tell you "life is like a river, you go with the flow or you go to the bottom…" but these rigid bastards just don't fucking get it, I mean how difficult is it to understand 'go with the fucking flow'? I mean different thing about you following it, but all am asking you is to fucking understand this simple thing… But NOOOO!!! These bastards are more rigid than fucking rigidity itself, I have now given up and have realized they are nothing but 'corporate tools' pun fucking intended.

Well that's for starters, since I don't money to get into a cab from my place to go the Airport, which they have fucking shifted from being within reasonable distance to another city itself. Did you realize that the time I take to commute to and fro from my place to the new airport is equivalent to the time taken to reach Hyderabad via car using NH 7, compare this to the old airport where the time taken for me to go to and fro was less than the time you would have taken to go to the john and back. Stupid innit.

Since there is no money, have to take the shuttle coach to the airport, when is it expected to come? I don't suppose the reply 'only god knows' will hold true in this case, because nobody knows, there is nothing called fucking stop, all you have to do is keep looking out into the horizon for flashing LED lights. But today was fucking heights, not only was I waiting for more than a hour and a half, but the damn bus did not have its LED's off. I mean the LED's are supposed to act like that light which keeps turning round and round at the shipping port, whatever you fucking call it. Forgot the what you call it and I am not in any fucking mood to google up the word.

On top of all this, my boss just showed me that he just does not have any balls or spine for that matter. And I think this has just made my resolve to quit ASAP stronger. Have to wait for about a month's time, the results for the paper I submitted will be out, and whatever the results are, I am putting down my papers on that day. I refuse to work with nincompoops who think its mighty important for one to be a kiss ass. Enough is enough.

I really hope that the stewardess on board is not some dumb blonde bitch who thinks she is queen of England. Because that would be the last straw to this god awful morning.

Oh, BTW…all this fucking happened from 0530 hrs in the morning. Time now reads out as 0822 hrs. FUCK!

Issuing a fucking warning to one and all, do not fucking fuck with me today, unless you have really made up your mind to fucking die today.

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