Saturday, 9 August 2008

Pappu pass ho gaya!

Not a fucking surprise if you saw the fucking papers. Though honestly, the marks are pretty dismissal in nature, now I don’t mean to sound like a smart ass, but honestly, it’s worth shit. And I don’t really don’t want to end up doing something shitty and impulsive like shoving my mark sheet up the abusive drunk fuck wit at home. Will wait till I complete this entire course. Anyway, presenting my marks below.

Not bad you say. Got 4 more papers coming up in the month of October, that means 8 exams, which means that every single Sunday of mine, is FUCKED! Trying to get exemption from one paper, lets see, if I get it, brilliant, fucking awesome it will be. Have to sit now and make my own schedule, since there are couple of major projects coming up at office which I will not fucking dream about not doing them ever, and then I got one week of some training program in Mumbai starting from Sept 14th to 21st. Should give me a good opportunity to kick some cerebral butt and show them who’s the boss. Let’s see, trying to find the right person to delegate the important job of working on my study schedule. Applications are invited for the same.

•Must be a female a good looking female ( should preferably wear glasses, should be unaware of her beauty, you don’t really need to tell me how dangerous women are who know the sex bomb they pack underneath that blouse)
•Applicant must be over 22 years of age
•Should have been in a previous relationship (women with no relationship experience are just a painfully naïve)
•Should be willing to make last minute changes
•Should undertake the responsibility of being a fucking nag
•Should possess huge HUGE amounts of patience (being a nag entails you to see the worst side of me)
•Should be able to find innovative ways ;) to make sure that I study according to schedule
•Should help make quick and fast decisions with regards to trivial issues like when should I take a break, what time should I go to sleep and what should I wake up
•The most important criteria is to be able to understand I am a emotionally and mentally retarded kid who blessed with super human brains, and therefore has to nurture me with love, care and affection and not to forget patience. (Not a lot of people seem to be having patience these days)

Also these criteria may change without notice.

I know sounds like a matrimonial ad, doesn’t it? But no! its not. So, don’t get your hopes flying high and your panties in a knot sweetheart. Atleast try not to will you.

Anyway, the bottle of rum is back, and its calling out my name. Jack! Jack!

Let this be the Day…You shall remember…When you almost…

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Anandi said...

well pappu tappu,

i am definately not doing ur schedule thingi this time cause i dont fullfill any of ur requirements. so best of luck with finding someone! :)
well i might change my mind if u say something..... THE TRUTH