Sunday, 17 August 2008

Long weekend? Don’t remember much of it

As I am brutally made aware that I would be expected in office sometime around 9 in the morning tomorrow (though I hope to make it there at least before lunch time, or as soon as this bleeding hangover passes by). The long weekend for which the mallu dogs who co-habitat with me have gone home, leaving the lovely, awfully quiet and surprisingly friendly and obedient stray dogs for company I seemed to have fared rather well. Considering that there is enough rum in my body which will put grandma's (don't ask me which one) gastric acid in her system to shame, this revelation did not actually surprise me so much. I was kept quite busy actually, coming to think about it, I did manage to go buy grocery, make myself dinner (well what do you know, I am upping my catch-ability status in the most eligible bachelor list) (for the curious ones, I made veg peas pulao for tonight's dinner, bohrani biryani for yesterday's and plain rice, dal and raita for the day before yesterday's), stock up on booze and smokes (a bachelor not only has to look the part but also act the part). The other biggest time sharing activity I indulged myself in was staying put in front of my laptop and catch up on quite a bit of movies, well, let me see, I saw the following movies: "The shaggy dog" – which only reinforced on my decision to get myself a dog, "The independence day" – yes again (can't make up my mind whether I want to be eternally awesome will smith or the bumbling genius jeff goldbum), "The Full Monty" – been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw its trailer on star movies when I was in I think 6th grade and I have to tell you, it did not fucking disappoint me one bit, "Die Hard with vengence" – Hey, don't forget I am a guy at the end of the day have to see some cars blowing up and bone crunching action to compensate for the case of the missing balls bought upon due to the viewing of "Mama Mia" – read the previous post (I think, it's the previous post), "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" – viewed it after a very strong recommendation from the Lal Rani and have to say was definitely a surprisingly good watch, the movie grabs you by your balls right from the first scene where the characters start speak, "Cool Money" – some indie movie, decent watch, won't say I grew extra pair of balls or lost my family jewels, "Leatherheads" – Sports movie, I had to do something to make sure that the family jewels were in place you know, and the entire time I was watching this movie I was thinking, Rene and George had a thing what do you suppose is going through George's head when is doing those chemistry-lab-exploding-chemical-reaction-which-makes-you-smile scenes? Weird isn't it?

*Slapping myself from self induced singing around trees with Michele Monahgan and Rene* FUCK! Office!

Well, let me see, surprisingly I have work to do which comes from a reprise of being sitting idle twiddling thumbs listening to music and watching videos on YouTube zombie state. But for how is the question? The chuth's down at MRSI better tell me whatever happened to the paper I submitted. Hate waiting, patience if you ask me or the really long line of beautiful/smart/funny/crazy ex-girlfriends is not my thing. And I think Barnacle has gone back from where he came from. Though when he did come it was awesome like always.

Well this is what Barnacle was upto, taking cue from his Peace Corps story, Bastard (in this case Me) made this awesome story where I was a Army officer on medical leave because of a surgery (can't tell the details, classified information you see :P) in town for the Independence day celebrations. I don't know about India getting its freedom but the girl sure did free more than one dom, if you know what I mean! :P (Bad joke isn't it?)

Thankfully, the Barnacle has left the building, so it's me back to saving the world with no sidekicks (yes, if you think you are suitable which translates into an IQ of over 115, an nice rack and a firm tushy be sure to get in touch with me).

Anyways, there are 3 more pitchers of Cuba Libre left, and if I intend on going to office before lunchtime I better get started on those right away. The world and India especially needs a Hero.



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