Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Kid

Yeah! Just finished watching the kid. No, not the Charlie Chaplin one. And no, am not talking about Billy the kid. I am talking about the kid, the movie where I can definitely vouch and say Bruce Willis can fucking act. And fuck the movie made me fucking cry. Love it. Oh btw, the kid who comes in this movie 'the kid' is also the kid in 'The Rookie', well I guess there are way too many kids out in that sentence.

You know the other thing I realized when I was watching 'The Rookie', Denis Quaid is the last of the manly men. I mean I thought after the whole Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman and Robert Redford there were no more of us left, and in walks in Mr. Dennis Quaid, and man does he give me hope. Just when I was thinking that the world of movies is filled with pretty boys who are stuck knee deep in pussy, who know the difference between red and fuchsia, I don't even know if that is fucking color for god sakes, it just sounds difficult to say.

Anyway, bunking 2 days of office, tired of me boss taking my virgin ass (trust me the other parts are not) and I am tired of seeing his ugly mug. So me off for 2 days, reason, food poisoning. Though it is fucking true, but not severe enough for me to fucking take off from work for 2 whole days. Think if I get off from these 2 days, then I would be off travelling to Mumbai and Jaipur. And spend the rest of the next week shuttling between these 2 places. Anyway, I think am sure about 2 things, a) My boss doesn't read my blog, if he does, he is going to molest my poppy far more than he is doing right now, b) I better catch some ZZZ's now.

Oh! And BTW, nobody has fucking told who I have to fucking fuck to get these damn rains to stop. They nice and all, but fucking I got cloths here to dry dude! And they are not a pleasant smell inside that washing machine.

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