Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Era of comebacks

Just finished watching Mama Mia! Yes, I believe everybody knows how I am a sucker for clit-lit and chick-flicks. And I have to tell you, the story was shite to say the least, but the brilliant use of Abba as the soundtrack, was well brilliant. Absolutely marvelous, so there I was sitting and watching the movie and I failed to remember when I last heard Abba's music. Weird isn't it, I mean you grow up listening to songs and then along the way you forget all about them and suddenly it all comes back. It's like the return of the shirt episode in How I met your mother. So downloading the greatest hits of Abba right about now, so that I can pop it into my ipod and find new meanings to the lyrics all over again.

It is something like life isn't it. I mean you go about doing things your entire life and then you change, you lose track of friends, forget about past relationships, and suddenly out of nowhere they pop back into your life like the rabbit from the magician's hat. And you are left wondering why in the earth did things change, and change so dramatically? Guess am just getting old. Think I may just be like Benjamin Button with a twist, growing really really old, super fucking fast and I look just the same from the outside.

I suggest you go watch Mama Mia! Not because of its OTT story line and the broadway style rendition of song a minute routine, but for the sheer joy of stumbling upon things which made you smile when you were a teenager, singing along to all the songs and surprising yourself on how you still manage to remember all the lyrics, I suggest you call/email/sms somebody from your past whom you just have not called and may have thought about from time to time. No, this is not the do something before doomsday arrives email forwarded shit, but trust me the feeling one gets after doing such a thing, ranges from weird to really good, really depends on whom you calling and how drunk you are. :P

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