Thursday, 14 August 2008

Demarco got tagged

Hammy boy decided that it was time for me to get tagged, and honestly after looking at the tag I don't mind it one bit. So here goes nothing...

Eight Things I Am Passionate about.

  1. Movies – The characters, the dialogues the entire story more or less act as anchors to the unstable fluid personality of mine. My life is nothing but a whole bunch of references to different movies.
  2. Music – I love music, the first song which I ever remember watching on TV was Yahooo from the movie Junglee and I used to go berserk like king kong caught in chains and being taunted with that pretty young thing in reveling cloths.
  3. Books – Books like movies, give me things to think about, imagine an alternate universe where all stories have a happy ending.
  4. Sleeping – I love my sleep. And I have a million people (which at one point of time included potential employers) who got yelled at when I was indulging in it.
  5. Thinking: I can't do without it. I have to think, if there is nothing to think then I am like the crack addict in '2 days with the crack addict' minus the dick piercing.
  6. Women: Honestly, there is nothing on this planet earth than trying to figure them out, I mean you think you know them and then you meet one more and the whole hypotheses goes out of the bedroom window.
  7. Ajit Agarkar: There are few people who give me hope, who inspire and play the role of the underdog to the T. Ajit Agarkar, Rocky Balboa are few of the people in this list.
  8. Dreams: Well, the house (apartment actually), the dog, the car and the works. Nobody messes around with this picture, you do and you are in line to listen to the most brutal honest truth in the most vilest manner ever.

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Write a book – Everybody I have met and have told a part of my life to them, they always suggest that I write it as a book, and I would like to write a memoir of the life and fast times of the Anon
  2. Travel the world – There are few places I have always been enamored ever since I heard about them when I was a little kid, Egypt, Spain, Italy, the whole of Europe actually and probably drop in to the states and say hi to losers who went there never to come back again.
  3. Make my father realize what a dick he has been- Well, I know you can tell a monkey that he is a monkey but he is not going to understand, but still you do want to tell it to him you know.
  4. Be voted the sexiest man alive: I figured the fastest way to do that would be to do point of # 5.
  5. Do something truly majestic and memorable – Always been my dream that when am walking on the damn road, people point to each other and say in hushed tones "take a look at him son, there goes the best there ever was."

Eight Things I Say Often

  1. 'FUCK!' – You have no idea how easily I get pissed off. Think the whole fuck, fucking chuth, whore, fuck fuckity fuck will all come under this
  2. 'Bhenchod' – The first give away that my heart and tongue truly belongs in Delhi
  3. 'Very' – Never been a big fan of sarcasm but this is best I can do and trust me works in multitude manners.
  4. 'Somebody died' – There are few things which I say which people like to say 'that is such a tul thing to say'
  5. There are a lot more things I say, often, but can't recollect right now.

Eight Books/Blogs/Journals I Have Read Recently.

Not been reading much. Been playing lot of arcade games lately.

Eight Songs I Would Listen To Over and Over

  1. Against all odds – Phil Collins
  2. Nothing else matters – Metallica
  3. Hanging by a moment- Lifehouse
  4. Yehan ke hum sikandar – Jo Jeeta Who Sikandar
  5. Someday – Micheal learns to rock
  6. Rocky Theme – Bill Conti
  7. Fade to Black - Metallica
  8. Give me any hindi bollywood song with lyrics (no not the remixes) and it would go on repeat

Eight Things In Others That Attract Me

  1. Intelligence
  2. Sense of humor
  3. Sense of family loyalty
  4. Common sense (intelligence and common sense are 2 different things, not to be confused)
  5. Shyness
  6. Knowing what one wants
  7. Quirkiness
  8. Patience

I know I was supposed to write 8 points for each. But fuck it. It got boring after some point of time. Din realize its going to be this boring, looked like fun at the beginning.

Tagging the following people

Ann and Funny engineer and maybe M.


The Red Queen said...

When you said 'tagged', you meant this right? :P

anN-series said...

whaaaaaa...ANOTHER PENDING TAG!!!!...

Aparna said...

Will you believe if I say that we have a lot in common?? Except for very few things! Am bloody stealing this!

Aparna said...
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Anandi said...

hey i got all the 8 qualities that attract u... no wonder u are all ga ga ga ga ga g ag ag ga gaga ....
u got the point