Sunday, 10 August 2008


So thanks to the persistent boredom and the irritating way things keep popping up in your head about things you had long shoved up your cerebral behind. I now consider officially hooked to this series called californication. And this is what I realized, I do not like to see people enacting and showing how ugly things really are. There is this whole emotional spectrum, which is, am sure people have no fucking idea exist. Well I know, I have made claims as to how the many characters I have seen and aspired to be or emphasized are like me, but this one "Hank Moody", this one takes the cake. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that the character is portrayed by David Duchovny (yes the same damn guy from X-files), not some good looking fella (I guess I can lay the same claim there).

Well, fuckers if you still think am blowing air up my cute-pert behind, then take a fucking read to the character description of Hank fucking Moody:

"Famed novelist & NYC transplant Hank relocates to LA after his acclaimed book is optioned, but it later becomes a crappy romantic comedy, which sparks a horrible case of writer's block. He's struggling to get his career back on track with the help of his agent/best friend, raise his pre-teen daughter, all while pining for his ex-girlfriend, who is now engaged to another man. It may sound desperate, but he enjoys life and owns all his various vices — drink, drugs and women — with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He's holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn't mind it one bit."

Well if don't really know me, then this is my story in a fucking nut shell (I don't even fucking know why the fuck I am so fucking mad…Maybe the fact that I am finding my fucking vulnerabilities played on fucking screen the way I fucking see it).

Well, I moved from Chennai to Bangalore, not because my book was fucking best seller, but because I have always wanted to get the fuck away from everything that was associated with me having to leave my favorite place in the world DEL-FUCKING-HI, I also moved away from Chennai, because there was just no place left in fucking Chennai where I did not have fucking memories of my ex-girlfriend (oh! Just so you fucking know B.T.W I was supposed to be fucking getting married to). I am still fucking trying to fucking make people take notice of me where I know I am fucking good at, and this is something I love doing and something I fucking think I am fucking good at. I am trying to get my life back together after I realized my father is nothing much a money hawking porn addict abusive drunk fuck, and my mother is naïve and fucking stupid to be still sticking with that chuth, not to talk about my brother, who is B.T.W supposed to be the unicorn who will according to his father be his saving grace and right now is getting stoned and getting his face stuffed with some fancy pricks dick. All the while thinking how life would have been good and how I would have been able to deal with this hard fucking reality of life being a fucking whore house where you don't get fucked as long as you have the fucking money to fucking fuck somebody else. All the time I enjoy my smokes, love my booze and I love women. Am not the least bit apologetic about any of them. Sure I apologize to women from time to time, being a bastard doesn't really make me feel so good. People do consider Hank to be fucking a narcissist bastard and somehow people think I am one too.

I am so fucking mad right now, I know its my life being played out there, with all the times my ex-girlfriend has called me up when I have been in bed with some women. The women I meet are no fucking less crazy than the ones Hank gets to meet. But at the same time, I want to watch some more of the fucking series because I want to know if there is salvation for Hank, and if there is salvation for me at the end of it all. Both Hank and I know that we both are fucking doomed to fucking hell. We just make sure that when while we are doing things, we may as well do it fucking style.


Ps: Oh! After watching this shit, I am more than determined to fucking start my pet project of writing out my life till now and be done with it before I fucking turn 25 or before she ties the fucking knot with that goody-2-fucking shoes. Fucking watch the first episode and the fucking dialogues are just ripped off my mind.


Californication said...

you're welcome! :-P

Anonymous said...

just coz i care i am sayng this....give yourself a break dude...stop believing inppl..i know its no way to live life....but its the only way to save urself from shit from ppl..i learnt it out of experience so i am sharing it...murphy's law edited:: if someone has a chance, a 0.1% chance of ditching you...he will 100% ditch that includes practically everyone.

Zennmaster said...

danks...Though I would love to hear your a sucker for stories...