Monday, 4 August 2008

10 things that makes blokes cry

I was reading BBC news online when I came across THIS article. Now a lot of the reasons fit perfectly with the male stereotype, I thought I should pen down my own reactions to the reasons listed.
1. Making parents proud. Hmm, don't think I am be the kind of person who would tell them anything, especially if it's a good thing; bad news on the other hand has this weirdly irritating habit about it which makes it travel faster than a speed of light, and who are the first people blinking under the blinding light? You guessed it, your ma and pa. I don't think they were ever proud of me though. So this is ruled out.

2. Birth of first child - or grandchild. Now, we all know few key things about me, getting into a relationship is the easiest thing I can do, but sticking to one long enough to have kids is sooo out of the question. Though I agree on this one, when I get Manny, I know I would well up. That is given.

3. Tribulations of loved one. Yeah! It is fucking true. I mean men would not like to admit to it, but knowing that somebody they know has undergone some much shit and there is nothing they can do about sometimes, just sometimes breaks through men's hard exterior and leaves them talking puppies and ice-creams. Though I can't really remember when I last cried after hearing about some shit. Not really that crying kind I guess (Phew! That is a fucking relief)

4. Letting a loved one down. True again! Fucking I remember the look my mum and dad had after I got fucking suspended from college, couldn't really explain to them why I chose to keep my mouth shut when the chairman (motherfucker) asked me as to why I broke those boards. I couldn't tell them that my ex-room mate in hostel was a friggin faggot who did not have any sense of humor in him. It was not like they were surprised by me getting suspended, but for me it was a low point.

5. Saying sorry. It's a hard word to get out. Yes it is, I am a stubborn bastard, and I don't accept my mistakes easily, and when I do I sure fucking repent them and that is one of the main reasons why I say sorry not because your feelings may have been hurt, but because I feel like a bastard and it is not such a great feeling, trust me. I have said sorry a million times, and I have cried a million times. The people I have said sorry and cried know that I meant every single word of mine, and for the ones I did not cry, well guess what? I really was not sorry fuckers. Its just what you guys wanted to hear.

6. Letting yourself down. Yep! I made a promise to myself that I will not fuck up my life more than what I did in school, but I somehow managed to dig deeper holes for myself in college.

7. Being dumped. Where do I begin on this one? Starting from the heart wrenching realization that Gopal was seeing my first girlfriend, and that she dumped because people thought I was a bad boy or the fact that Dolly and me are through (btw, she is getting married soon! So best of luck to her on that). And just in case if you are going through a break up or you just got dumped, or you feel that its physically impossible to get over some girl listen to this song called "Dry your eyes - by Streets"

8. Beaten in a hard-fought game. Yeah I have seen people cry during games but I could never really emotionally get involved in a sports activity. Though I do cry when I see a sports movie (Rocky! Remember the titans now people who can't cry during these movies, well they are not humans at all), makes my spine tingle and my heart squeezes out tears like somebody held an onion in front of it. Though the best part is that I tend to hide them pretty amazingly.

9. Winning a hard-fought game. Read the previous point.

10. These aren't tears. It's just bits of dust or its just cigarette smoke getting into my eyes. And you will never find me agreeing to the point that I cry. I don't think I ever did cry. Not even when I was born. =)

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Anandi said...

believe me u cry baby... u are going to cry for all 10 points whether it was sports or parents proud stuff.... u pumpitypoo girlie...

sports makes me cry for sure. i feel terrible for athletes who lose... especially after watching th olympics

u need to faith to stick thru such shit

so long..