Saturday, 19 July 2008


Why so serious? Let me see,
1. Tomorrow is the first exam I would be writing after 2 whole years. Finally managed to get into a momentum of studying while working.

2. Major shit happening around at office (as usual!).

3. Toilet seat revelations. (Will write about those sometime soon)

4. Haven't watched a movie in ages

So, all in all nothing really is serious. I am still kicking ass at work (like always, and surprisingly am not getting bored of it). I am almost done with studying for the exam, just have to do some sample question paper to find out how much I would be scoring. After a really long time I am not worried whether I will pass the paper or no, but how much will I be scoring.

So the question again... Why...So...Serious...

The answer to that...Who is??? ;)

ps: Can't wait to get over with my exams, so that I can go watch the dark knight and become the Joker.

pps: Lets put a smile to that face... ;)

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