Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Presenting Ver 1685.07.22.08

The butt kicking, [orgasm inducing (in women...but obvious)] savior of the world just got an image makeover. From the oft mistaken cute-chocolate boy, to the extra working in the Ram Gopal Verma's underworld movies to now...Redefining sex symbolism and giving the present pin-up boys a run for their money.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Introducing Demarco ver 1685.07.22.08

ps: Yes. I have been prescribed glasses by the ophthalmologist. I finally graduate to the class of geeks who are not just geeks but also look the part.

pps: Oh! Just for the record, the butt kicking, poster boy...I wasn't talking about me. Got too many packets of flab stashed inside me for me to fit the bill for that. Sorry ladies. :P

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