Sunday, 27 July 2008

Letters to self (part of a new series)

July 27, 2008

Just finished taking mock tests for the papers, scored 82 and 80, which is good, I guess. Have my papers in the next 4 hours or so. Want to get over this measly shit and go and buy myself some new cloths, desperately need new pair of trousers and shirts, the shirt collars are coming off like cob webs, and frankly I would personally like some variety in trousers instead of the lone black trousers. Brought or is it bought, will never learn what is the right one, anyway bought couple of shorts and a tracks yesterday, pretty good ones, make me look athletic with a tummy of course… :P Drank the whole of yesterday, 2 bottles of whisky and I think right now I am having a hangover or atleast some close to it, my tongue feels as if its been replaced by cotton, and tummy is feeling woozy, but me proud, did not puke not once, and I have been waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning for the last 3 weeks, mostly for studying, studied under candles like Lincoln or whoever else it was who studied under street lights. Oh by the way there is awesome coffee guy, comes and gives off an entire flask of coffee in the night, have to pay him off course that guy also has to make a living no. There are lot of sales happening but don't know which one to go to, you know me, fucking can't handle money for my life, would have been nice if you and I went shopping like before you know, I still refuse to try out the cloths I buy, only little kids are forced to try them out in trial rooms. And don't get me started on the bomb blasts which supposedly have rocked the city filled with wimpy IT pansies mentally retarded fucks. I mean one bomb was supposed to have gone off some 500 mts from my office and another some 400 mts away from my place, I know staying and working in awesome place, anyway fucking nothing happened, they just forgot that it was not Diwali yesterday. Stupid fucks man they are seriously, no brains, no imagination, we should have some selection criteria for one to be a good terrorist you know, a) should be creative b) should be able to think on their feet c) should have innovative ideas on causing maximum destruction with minimum effort. It would have been awesome if they had used my terrorist plan, you know it, its so awesome that just by thinking about major destruction happens in some vague planet…Anyway think will go check if the newspaper is come or no then will go take another mock test before that will revise also. Man I sound like a geek. Oh by the way, I shaved, though would not consider myself as a prime exponent for Mach 3, but I don't think I look that bad also, the glasses are doing a fine job of highlighting my chocolate brown eyes which I know makes you go weak in your knees…hehehehehe…acha me go now… Boi Boi


July 25, 2008

the last 2 days din have power at night, anyway made up for it by taking off for 2 days i.e yesterday and today...almost done with studying...just couple of more chapters to go... by the way there was a bomb blast some 300-400 mts away from where i stay... stupid bastards din even know what bombs to use and all... anyway it was all boring and shit... coming back to the power issue... the first day din have power cos these bastards had not paid the electricity bill for 3 weeks... i was so mad at them that day... then yesterday some fucking short circuit in the middle of the night...fucking irritating... oh by the way there is a call for papers, submitting 2 papers...let's see...if mine gets selected and actually wins this thing called MRSI which stands for market research society of India it would be personal equity in the industry will rise which is a good thing...and honestly I am getting tired of staying with these mallu bastards, all of them are college mates and all are mallu's fucking keep talkin in mallu... i try and limit myself to my room...let's see if I get a raise and finish of paying my education loan then will move into my own place... finally getting myself a PAN card, then after this would be the driver's license and a passport...high time I got all of these...I kinda like my new glasses...they make me look like harry potter with a beard and minus the scar on the forehead...There is also lots of shit happening in office...anyway shit always happens in office,..its like a political land mine out there have to be careful what i say to whom...don't wanna quit I wanna stick with atleast one company for more than a year... haven stuck to a company for more than 8 months since i started working...anyway it's raining cats dogs and cows...think will go sleep now, wake up and again study some more...this sem is a breeze it's the next sem which will be interesting...anyway gotta go now...have to think if I want to eat now or sleep now...



July 23, 2008

no changes to the exam day wasted... have to study 20 chapters in 3 days... on the 4th day have to revise and take the mock tests...should be doable... lets see...i have 11 chapters left in one paper and 7 left in one paper... taking off from office tm and day after....


July 22, 2008

I finally got prescribed glasses...I now officially look intelligent. Though stupid power only .25 but what the hell... I look awesome... HAHAHHAHAHA... and there is some shit with restructuring with my mba course. Will let you know once I am clear as to what is going to happen. I am not sure if the exams which are due this Sunday are being held or am I supposed to be starting the course from October. It's all very confusing. Will let you know once I speak with them tomorrow.




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