Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Letter to self…


Bleeding bored in office, so I thought I would send you a mail or something like that. Anyway, remember Dominic, my room-mate the guy I don't talk to cause he acts too smart and can't reply st.? Well turns out, he is leaving the house and going his separate way. And I think I may have something to do with it, well I wouldn't exactly call my behavior pleasing and gregarious, as you are well aware, if something gets to me, it gets to me, and he got to me. Well maybe I should offer my apologies for my pathetic behavior, but, maybe not. I don't know. He somehow just manages to get on my nerves, I mean there is this air surrounding him, the energy surrounding him, something fake, something missing. I mean am not doing no character analysis here, but when I was more tolerant of shit, I used to tell him all that, and maybe there is a grain of some truth in all that, but like everything else and with everybody else, you think you know somebody, you have no idea…

Anyway, the good part would be that now I would have the room all to me, so that means some breathing room and moving around room in that 4X4 room. I liked the old house you know, it was airy and spacious, your passage to anywhere was never obstructed with anything, there was ample personal space, here you gotta fight for it. But guess shit happens eh, though I don't think I was really mean enough for him to leave the house and all. In that respect I know my conscience is clear. Anyway, me started this new habit which I know you would approve of, I have started having breakfast, nice good meal of Aloo paratha's and curd, (yes, yes I know the reason for my fair and lovely skin) or sometimes Poha, it's nice stuff, think I should also get tiffin and ask the Bihari lady to make lunch also for me. Lets see…

Waiting for my books to come for the new semester, hopefully this semester should be bit more tough than the previous one, I wouldn't call the previous semester a semester only. Stupid shit they asked man. It's like you can jump 10 ft but all they ask you jump is 2 cm. Fucking disappointing. Anyway, I realized that if I bend my neck a roll of fat comes which am pretty sure you would have teased me about. I really don't understand why all of a sudden things have changed so drastically with me man… I mean when I was in school and college and all, I was pretty vain, you know always making sure that my hair is looking awesome or the fact that when I was practicing football or basketball I always made sure that I did some extra crunches to ensure that the 4 – pack abs don go away anywhere. But now, I just don't care man, I don't remember the last time my hair saw a comb, or the last time I exerted myself to do anything. Though honestly miss talking to you, would have been fun, laughing about shit you know. Yes, yes I know you are wondering a whole load of things, but fuck it. Time washes over everything. This too shall pass. One of my friends has this awesome policy, whatever shall be shall be, think K sera sera is something like that.

I think I should just spend some more time thinking about all the things I am really good at to find sources for new ideas you know. I mean you always said my letters are good, the ones which did not draw inspiration from music lyrics…hehehehe… but you gotta accept they were good writeup's and coverup's eh…I mean seriously, guys and professors in college said that I would make a brilliant manager, nobody disputes that, people have said that am a brilliant kisser ( fuck! I totally forgot to tell you about this girl… she can't fucking kiss for her life…seriously…yuck! Gross!) I know you also think am a brilliant kisser, and I know you are jealous of the fact that I have taught a lot of women how to kiss properly, ( Honestly, I thought it was a very natural thing to do you know…kiss…am surprised at the number of women who are totally unaware of kissing OR maybe I am not their natural mate…) Anyway, my coffee came… and you know what that means, me having to go some place where smoking is allowed. One of these days I will quit smoking, as soon as I find out what I will be doing instead of smoking. Take care, will mail you later.


Rest in peace (you remember this line? Hahahahaha)




wishlists said...

this sounds like a letter to your ex-lover or something.. is this letter really to yourself?!
I mean why would "you" be jealous of "yourself" ?(cos ure a good kisser and all..)

Zennmaster said...

well sweetheart...din't your cheerleading coach teach you that the only person you have to win against is YOU!

Well, if the most awesome guy is not jealous of the most awesome guy...then who will?

certainly can't expect you now can I sweetheart... =P