Wednesday, 21 May 2008


All of these moments where silence is all you get to hear, will tell you the story of who I am, the stories of what I have felt, the hurt, the joys, the laugh, the cries, so many stories, each one of them being spoken as I keep silent, as I look into deep space with the smoke from the cigarette clouding my eyes with tears. Hoping that you get to hear this silence, people understand the noise, the words, the music, the sounds, but I know you understand silence too, my silence and you are the one who I am searching for...

I have crossed all lines and I have broken all the rules, I hope you understand them and why... You see the silence, its hiding all these words which I will never say and all my friends say that I am moody they don't know what mess I am, who I really am, what I really am, they don't know what I have been through in silence. In silence is how I have waited for you all this time to open your arms and embrace me, save and salvage the last of me. In silence is how I always thought you were my hero, my saint of lost causes, now I will go down as one the causes you bore and you lost.

Now I that I have spoken, and the silence has been broken, we find our ship with no mast, it got caught in the past, lying with my heart in the cask, wish the dawn to come in silence and wakes me up. Hope the the bruises on my body from your silence last night goes away, when my eyes flutter open in the morning, red and swollen.

Morning comes and goes, but these bruises stay just the way they were, you spoke and my spirit was broken as my throat was caught in the choke hold, of the words I always wanted to say, words came down as tears running down my eyes, and blood down my hands. With pain in my head, blood on my hands, and time stands still, as life ebbs away into a line from the circle it is.

Now you lie there suffering in silence, and wish you can speak again. But silence is how I lived all this time, I hope somebody out there past the smoke in the distant horizon listens to my silence and turns it down... Silence is all I hear now... I don want to hear no more silence...So say no more, neither in silence nor in words. Rest in peace.

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