Monday, 28 April 2008

Wifi, Mosquitoes, Sleep... Let the good times roll ! ! !

So I finally moved into my new place. Followed by the mourning of Kolkata Knight riders first loss in IPL. Anyway here are few of the take aways from this week and weekend.

1. No fucking body respects the call of dibs. I mean I had called dibs on my room long fucking time back, now suddenly I find people trespassing on it. I fucking hate it.

2. I miss Asif. Fucker and I respected each other. instead of fucking plonking each others fat asses on the others bed, treating each other's thing with care and respect instead of fucking dumping their fat fucking bags on top of my laundry basket. Fucking whores.

4. My new house has wifi. So thats pretty cool. The first thing I did, download bitcomet for me to start downloading movies which will at least try and keep my mind off from plotting the many ways to commit the perfect murder.

6. People fucking snore like... there is just no fucking euphemism to that...

7. I will never really reach out to anybody no matter how fucked up am getting. And I guess this will bring about my down-fall. I mean I feel like shit because I wanna reach out to M, but then I know we will just end up fighting all over again and I just don't have the fucking patience for that kinda shit, I wanna talk to N but then her life is in a mess and she doesn't want me figuring in her life because it is in a mess. I don't wanna talk to G, S or A or any of those guys because we have somehow just fucking drifted apart. Each man to his. I guess now I probably know what happened to my folks friends.

8. I am fucking allergic to mosquitoes.

9. The new place is fucking brothel for these mosquitoes and the flesh trade happens in terms of blood.

10. I need to re-work my schedule so that I get at least some sleep because right now am sleep depraved, pissed at my room-mate(s) and nursing a fucking hang over.

11. The summer is fucking getting to me, I mean other than the fact that I can now take a bath as and when I want because the water will be perennially hot because of the sun, there is just shit flying around.

12. The neighborhood of the new house though is a saving grace. But boy do I feel intimidated in this neighborhood. See all these rich kids playing around with money makes me feel small and an outsider. I know thats a fucked up thought, but don you fucking start giving gyan on why I shouldn't think. The next time will get my thoughts pre-approved by the censor board.

13. And I think... am not sure... I think my bi-polar is kicking in... and this is going to be the most difficult period. Am just in a hostile situation here. But the good news is... If i see this one through then I would be a lot better than what I was. But trying times ahead.

14. The big boss is AWOL for one whole week. So thats another good news.

15. Am feeling odd... think am coming down with something... think I should just go sleep, so keeping in mind point # 14 will sleep now putting my legs up on top of desktop. =)

Let the good times roll ! ! !

ps: Cheer for Kolkata Knight Riders.

pps: Ajit Agarkar is the greatest cricketer ever! and whoever begs to differ can go fuck themselves silly.


Californication said...

Bitcomet you say ? About Fucking time I say!
Download and watch the damn californication series, for the love of god-no wait, FAGS ! :-P

JMT420 said...

That's how I felt when I moved from my childhood area. It's shit and 3 years later it's still shit. Oh and get uTorrent instead of bitcommet.

Zennmaster said...

I got uTorrent but its of no use apparently cos the rest of the boys keep downloading and hogging the I get to stream videos in office so I come back home and watch them...