Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The week that went byeee!!!

Well what can I say? The last week has been a whirlwind of sorts. Loads of shit happening. Played cricket after ages. Kicked ass. Managed to ride the bike to and fro from office without any injury to the bike or me. Which is good news. Mighty good news. Was down with body pain. Because of the cricket after 3 years.

Puked Blood. No. Not the cool kind they show in movies, but a more wimpy shitty kind. Went to Mumbai, met up with the boys after a long arse time, and their boys for the first time.

Coming back to the blood in the puke bit. Turns out, me been drinking way too much than is normally advisable for a normal human, but hey whoever said being normal. But yeah! definitely got my drinking in control... don't want to end up like my dad. Turns out the puke is more because of the untimely meals my peanut salary can afford rather than the drinking bit. But you can never be more careful. No its not because of my smoking 2 packs a day. If it had been, then it would have been awesome.

Things are basically shitty and fucked personally. Got a shit assed straight laced roomie who can't fucking take in your face jokes. Fine I will agree they are more of the pain in the fucking ass kinda jokes rather than the face bit. But, hey his face my ass same shit... (And 50 points for the home team...)

My presentations at work have improved dramatically. I know that, even though I am sounding like a sonofabitch sounding full of shit/me (whatever suits your palate). It turns out that I am a sneaky fucker, I picked up these neat little things from watching things. Cheeky, I think.

I want a break, but I don't know if I can handle life without work to keep me occupied. I know if there is no work for more than 2 days I will definitely lose it.

Turns out, I am fucking finally over Nish. Shit I can't believe it. I know. Surprise ain’t it. Temme about it. Now try as hard as I may, I can't just bring myself to think about her in that kinda way. I was thinking more like paro-devdas kinda shit. But this is good news. Though I know for a fact that am not fucking ready for a relationship.

Note to self:

1. Next time you want to go out with a girl, or you think you are fucking in love... take a rain check. Like Zach’s granny says ( Zach is the guy from the movie 'Employee of the month') sow the seed of love and give it time to blossom. Don't fucking jump the fucking gun. And no. She doesn't say the last line. Also I realized that women don't get the complicated me. they prefer the dumber version of me which I totally hate. So if i get angry at the gross injustice being dealt out and i raise my voice or just basically get pissed about something anything for that matter, the problem it seems according them always is me or them? A man should have every right to get pissed off just for fuck's sake. ( Damn should make this one go into the constitution... will get me laid 24/7... but then I won't be angry in that case and hence I won't get laid... which will make me angry... Dammit Yossarian... not you again... Catch - 22 asshole)

2. You fucking hate doing accounts and will forever hate it. You gotta problem. Outsource it bitch. (pssst: if I had been telling you this dialogue the last bit would have been changed to outsource it bitch... =D )

3. Take a bath for jesus-fucking-christ sake. No. Seriously.

4. Did you brush your teeth? Yes! I remember that one... I brushed my teeth yesterday and today. Though I don't think I did on Saturday and Sunday.

5. (leaving this one blank just in case you guys have some note to me... other than that I stink, (pun intended) or am a bastard, prick, asshole or similar shit... I know all that... temme something I donno... )

Rest in Peace
(I love this new way of signing off)


anN-series said...

hey zenmaster...y dont u get married...then u will have its own share of problems...then i will derieve sadistic pleasure reading about the 'more' problems... (*evil grin)...
but wow dude puking blood..whats next?..doc says cigarettes charred ur lungs??

onmyowntrip said...

Zennmaster you need to get laid...
with that attitude it might be tad bit difficult cynicism aside I'm sure you have it in you 'play dumb act dumber!
shouldn't be too difficult
*wink wink*