Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Smoke Away !!!

In this yellow jungle flows this smoke,
am burning with each gulp,
smoking these leaves,
there is smoke in these eyes,
and the lights are all out,
nothing here and there,
feeling a little low,
feeling little pain,
but kinda like it a little,
and i continue to smoke,

smoke away this life,
smoke away all the lust,
smoke away this dress stitched with breath

My head is spinning,
and the ground beneath me is a whirl,
am selecting my reality,
and i have always been a fool,
my lips are burning,
with this voiceless story,
which speaks all night,
will smoke away these words and thoughts,
smoke all away,
smoke this ash away,

when the euphoria breaks,
so many pieces fall down,
kick away some,
collect some...
smoke them all away...

ps: Even after trying to engage myself into writing some crap I still wanna punch that motherfucker...


Anonymous said...

who is this fella?

Zennmaster said...

the one and only... boss of mine...

Anonymous said...

oh, so did he fire ya?

Zennmaster said...

yes he fired me...though i fail to understand how that could be gotten from mere ramblings...

anN-series said...

u r tagged buddy...