Monday, 18 February 2008

Shootout at College

Though ideally and normally, being an Indian (who are known to have a high feeling of the lottery effect) I would have rubbished the whole shootout shit. But some thought just happened and all the usual corny crappy cliche stories the new channels keep feeding you, took on a different meaning when I read about the NIU shootout at one of the blogs. And I just realized, dying that way is definitely not the way to go. I mean true lot of people believe that dying should not be a part of life only. But then whatever floats your boat. I mean I always wanted to go down in a blaze of glory. Well not the kind which happened in NIU. But you get point. I mean apart from the families who are going to be living with the burden of never having the chance to say good bye to the dead. I mean you know all the stories they tell you and you rubbish which tell you to tell people that you love them blah blah blah... well do it... they keeping saying that for a reason. The same reason people call me Bond... James Bond... hey I know i sound like an insensitive bastard. But, you can't really blame me for being raised in a patriarchal society where I am left with no means whatsoever to make sense of the shift towards a matriarchal way of things. But seriously think about it. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Wondering what kind of stereotype apart from a bastard will I be labeled? May the people who died an unexpected death rest in peace. May their souls be reunited with the spirit of the world.


Anonymous said...

read ur bro's blog..he aint no Gay.. he is all man..!! he is too good for you.. !

wishlists said...

Hey AC I gotta say,your bro and this anon here are COOOOL.not!