Monday, 18 February 2008

99 Problems....

Life is right now a cauldron of things happening in my life. But before I go in any deeper, I got to tell you this... I finally rode a bike all the way from my home to office. That is a distance of 8 KM. Door to Door. Beat that. And this is the best bit which I am totally proud of... I stalled and stopped the traffic twice. Only. And my bike stopped total of 5 times. The last 2 times was when i trying to park the bike. This is so awesome. Thank you Charan... Your (Now Mine) bike is awesome.

Anyway, I was given something back which I had given to somebody for keeps, marking an end to a beautiful, turbulent, checkered relationship, with good times and bad times. That was the final straw. And now its over. So this was the other half of the 99 problems.

But I got to tell you Jay - Z knew what he was talking/singing about when he said he got 99 problems but the B**** ain't one. Now I can't call any woman a B****, women can call each other that, I can call my friends that, but not a guy calling a girl. Supposed to be offensive.

My grandfather did not even recognize who I was, and I am pretty sure that it was not because I was clean shaven. And I realized something after I shaved, I have put on massive amounts of weight. So the rum and coke has got to take a hike now. Haven't gone clubbing in a really long arse time now. And now I will have to cut down on the coke I consume.

I am strapped for cash. I managed my finances for 2 whole months before it went awry. Need to claim money from my company for it to get back on track. Need to do that ASAP but just not able to find time for that.

Was nice meeting people from my extending family. And no I am talking about my blood relationships. Though I think papa feels a bit weird and odd.

Turns out that Vatsal is in town. Would like to meet him though. Spoke to mum heart to heart after a really long time and this time surprisingly she did not get on my nerves, maybe it was the late hours and both of us were feeling sleepy.

I rode a bike. Did I tell you that. And you know what? I realized that all bloggers ARE bit vain. I mean all they do is talk about themselves. But then again I think that a blog is more like a journal you keep, which just happens to be kept out for anybody who manages to stumble upon and read it.

Turns out that there is this cool shit called Google analytics. Tells you about how many people, from what all parts of the world are viewing your blog, and for how long they stay and read the blog. Feels nice. esp when you know that just 6 people are aware of this blog and read it regularly. Though I have no idea who these people are. Not that I want to know. Like to keep the mystery alive in this relationship.

Wanted to bunk office today. As I haven't been able to get enough sleep lately. Wanted to take off, watch TV and sleep till I can't sleep no more. Now that I have found my dream job, I need to get into the same profile with flexi timings you know, work as you please and take off as you please.

There is so much more to tell you... Esp on my personal front. But I don't think this is the time, not that this is not a good time or something... But because I don't have the time. What can I say? I got work to do, people to meet, places to go... ;)

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arun said...

Hey dude, this is Arun here from PSBB, stumbled across your blog, impressive to say the least! You def got a career option outside whatever you are now