Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What would life be without these Q's?

What does one do when life throws you the option of taking the safer option or to gamble everything you have? What does one do when the stakes are high and are dealing with respect, ego and love? What does one do if you had taken the chance and gambled it all and lost everything... Not once... But twice? Would you have the guts to take the gamble again and again? Or would you take the safer option and leave the outcome of the gamble as something uncertain and live with the burden for the rest of you life? Are you brave enough to carry on with the burden of not knowing for the rest of your life what lay if you took the other decision?

ps: No I do not see myself as the woman at the end of the Q mark. She came free with the question mark. Though i think there is a pun intended. Don't expect a lot of people to get that.

pps: Am yet to explain the king of the world complex. Patience

ppps: And this time am in control. Of me. Of my emotions.

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