Thursday, 17 January 2008

Shopping List

list of things i need to get

1. aviators (yes my cherished ones, i broke them, not suprised there)

3. converse shoes

4. get my finances in place

5. fridge

6. tv

7. a pet (tried fish they are poor conversationalists, I begin to talk to them, you think they are listening then they just tell you to fuck off and they go about roaming in their bowls, poor poor conversationlists.)

8. Carpets and Curtains

9. Furniture. (barca lounger)

10. Borosil dishes

11. Nice fancy cutlery

12. clothes

13. Belt (I have been to told to wear one)

14. formal shoes (i like my current ones but I still need more snazzy looking ones)

15. shot glasses, whisky glasses, high ball glasses, tall glasses, I already got wine glasses.

16. Bigger ash tray

1 comment:

lav said...

u wana get all this frm mumbai?..n why zippo is cut off?..u can neva hav too many of those ;)