Monday, 7 January 2008

OCD... =)

well I have found the perfect substitution to keep my border-line in check. Obsessive compulsive need to keep everything neat and clean.

Yes. You heard that right. Cleaning. No. That does not mean I would take bath daily. Am not yet a certified lunatic. So I keep everything folded and in stacks, in my cupboard, keep all things in hangers coordinated in the order of what to wear on what days. I cleaned all the vessels in the kitchen. I had no idea we had so many spoons, and I had so many Shirts. Which I washed twice. I cleaned all the mats on the floor, took out the garbage 3 times. It filled up pretty quickly considering the junk I cleaned out of my cupboard.

Now I need to keep everything neat and clean and in order otherwise I feel uneasy. Good thing, my obsession to have any # other than 2 hasn't gotten out of control. Well thats all for now. I brought myself couple of books to read when am going to sleep. Tried to moderate my drinking, but fuck it. Tried to moderate my smoking but fuck it. Been trying to get in touch with some friends. And been trying to lose touch with some friends.

Life is never easy. But am going through it. I have no idea what is running on my mind. But I don really wanna ponder over it. Life is becoming like an island, and am slowly stacking up things I may need cos soon as things are going am going to be deserted on my island by my own consent, and I need to make my stay there comfortable don I? ;)

So I need the following things:

  • Shit Loads of movie
  • Shit loads of music/ access to radio with good stations
  • Shit loads of books
  • Clean toilet with dry floors ( otherwise I will have to mop the floor dry before I can go do anything and that MAY include having a bath )
  • Smokes (But Obvious)
  • Bottomless pitcher of Rum n Coke with a Dash of Sweet lime ( my very own concoction )
  • A Magical Floor and Bed that makes itself and keeps all the dirt off it.

I guess that all at the moment.

When I think about some more, I will let you know.

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