Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Couple of Things...!!!

First of all, I would like to confess that am doing something which am not too proud of... am doing something which metro-sexual men would do and I don like it... I am applying body lotion on my feet. Yes, the same thing which women apply around their hands and then rub around in places, now watching them do that is nice, but knowing my total puke inducing dislike towards anything moist am surprised by myself. Well the only anatomy part I like to take care of are my feet. I don't like smelly feet, I don't like dirty socks being worn on equally dirty feet. And since I haven seen or felt winter for almost a decade now thanks to my (read asshole) father who decided that he needed to get a feeler on how hell feels like (decided to move to Chennai). Now because of this cold subjugation, am feet were getting dry, even when I tried keeping them warm by wearing socks at all points of time, when am going to bed, when I wake, when I go to shit. I mean all the time. But it really did not help much. And then when I was cleaning (yes. Cleaning. Now get over yourself) so I used little bit of what my metro-sexual asexual room-mate (ladies, I think you should marry or date him or just plain do him and then raid his closet of all the make up and cosmetic and look good products.....ppsssttt: leave the butterscotch body lotion for me will you?).

So I have been applying the lotion on my feet for the past one week, and must tell you my feet feel soft and supple like babies feet. Only they are a size 9. And they are nice and pink. I love my feet. Regarding taking a bath. I will consider it when the sun comes out and I sweat like a pig and I decide that am beginning to stink. Till that day, long live butterscotch body lotion with blah blah blah's in it. I love you.

The other thing being: I mean am sorry to all women kind for whatever happened in mumbai, I mean its scary. Truly is. But then I really think that women are blowing the whole thing out of proportion to get some sound bytes and shit in the news and paper miles in the paper.

There was this article in the times of India, headlines lewd glances are also should be bought in control. I mean cmon gimme a break. Fucking if Milind Soman or Arjun Rampal looks at them, am pretty sure they won't say anything. Fucking let me see these same women complain when a guy they consider good looking or hot or sexy checks them out and says something. I mean sure some men lack the finesse (like yours truly) and yes they should be taught a lesson. But fucking talking as if men should wear burkhas or wear blinders so that women should feel safe. I mean cmon. We (men and women) all have eyes, and if somebody is wearing something where the thong or the boxers are playing peek-a-boo you will fucking look at it. People who lose their minds and want to touch it, teach them. I have no problems you using capital punishment or whatever the fuck will teach the low-life's some lesson. And the lesson should be look but don't touch.

Imagination is what makes us human. Don't take that away from me. I mean i can imagine Katie Holmes and Nicole kid man and Jessica alba in a very compromising position or I can substitute that with real people's faces. I should be allowed to do that instead of fucking being told I can't look. Fucking hypocrites.

ps: Yes, Katie Holmes is not human ( she married tom cruise and she is cute/hot), so is Nicole kid man, and Jessica alba it is just not human to look so fucking awesome.

pps: Kid man... Get it... Kid... Man... Tom Cruise... hehehehe... I love spell checks...


Anonymous said...

Your "take" on the mumbai incident is the reason why things like this happen. Blowing it outta proportion? really? What would you feel like if 60 men molested you? Wait a min, you d lay back and enjoy cuz you are a fucking MAN. And that is exactly what men do. At least, in India where is sex is taboo and men are overtly depraved.

Look how fuck much ever you want but dont fucking touch. And they did. They touched and more. Capital punishment? They should be fucking shot in their non testicles.

Jerk off thinking about Nicole Kidman or Jessica Alba or have a fucking cattle orgy with them in your head. No one gives a flying fuck. When it comes out in the open and affects other people, BAD.

If this issue was not "blown out of proportion", these men (not 2 or 3, six-fucking-ty)and other assholes would never know that it is wrong.

It is because of people like you who think like this that the crime rate is sky rocketing in India.
"Whats the big deal?"
"People are over reacting."
"The issue is blown out of proportion."
You call your dad an asshole? Think twice. Or maybe, just think.

Zennmaster said...

I hope after this outburst the crime rate in India comes plummeting down... thanks for social service message. Appreciate it.

ps: my ancestors were animals... and I am one... if you want to hide your ancestry be my guest.

pps: what i call my father I think is off limits for people I really don't kno to talk abt... though I appreciate your patience in patiently going thru my blog... I hope you don kill yourself and tip my blog to be the sole cause... (bad joke) never mind...

Cheers... ;)

peeps said...

well you said it...i'm glad you have that take on your ancestry because it sure is befitting of your personality. the rest of us take pride in having the power of reason, sense and other such awesome human traits. really arvind, grow the fuck up.its been long enough. this sort of baseless, thoughtless rant is so immature it amazes me to think you'd put it up as something you take pride in as your intellectual property. this one dint deserve a comment but what the heck, its time someone said this.

also, i'm not the anonymous person above, though i completely agree with him/her