Monday, 17 December 2007

To do or not to do? But what the fuck to do???

So i looked around and I found out that there is kick boxing and Rugby that I can try my hands on during weekends when am here in Bangalore. But what to do is what am thinking about? I mean rugby would be fun. Running around, a chance to get something broken in my body. With kick boxing I get to do what I have been thinking about doing for well over a year. But then again I will be inside confined space not a big of it. The same reason why I don't go to the gym more than twice. Though its a different issue the guy never lets me in again because am cribbing so much. But yeah the open spaces will be nice. Think me will go the rugby way. I just need trainers and shorts. I think I have both of them lying somewhere. Lets see if am sober enough to remember this on saturday evening and go there. Shoudl be fun if I do go there.

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