Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Review: Johnny Gaddar

Yes. I am well aware that I am late by miles and months since the movie released. And I am more than late on my knee-jerk reflexes owing to the constant drunken stupor, but I have to say this, Johnny Gaddar is by far the best movie to have come out of the Indian Movie-Making Machine this year. And is definitely one of the few movies which I can laud which were made in the last 5 years.

True there was Chak-De, Om Shanti Om et al. But baby when you start watching Johnny G. and the way the black and white images give way to the introduction, you know you are in for a treat. Yes, the movie is a big ass inspiration from the James Hardley Chase genre if I can label the whole crossing, double-crossing, zebra crossing bit. The way the each of the characters been introduced in the movie is kind of reminiscent of Guy-Ritchie way of doing things, but what the hell, you are too stunned by the stylised approach of film making. There are ample edge of the seat moments, and trust me am not the one to use cliche phrases, they literally do make you jump from your bed/seat wherever you are seated and ask yourself " FUCK!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! ". The newcomer Neil Nitin Mukesh is good in bits and Pieces, Rimi Sen is the quintessential irritating woman you just want to strangle her so that after one last scream you don't get to see her or hear her ever again.

The brilliant catch points for this movie and why it should definitely be must on every movie buff's list is:

1. The screen play
2. Vinay Pathak
3. Whoever played the role of shardul (he is the same guy who was the villain in Sarkar, you know the guy who gets thrown off into the water in the same scene in which Abhishek Bachchan looks decent.)
4. The story

The director must be given his due credit for making a mind-blowing/Dhaasuu/ultimate Movie. This movie Full Money Back. Whatever was lacking in Ek Hasina Thi, or the way the ending was executed wasn't something I liked, I mean yes that movie was brilliant, but doesn't deserve to be in my collection you know. I can happily lend it to some one and gayly forget about it too. But not with Johnny G.

Verdict: Fucking AWESOME. Super Fucking A.

ps: don't think there are movies which can match this ranking or this ranking system.

ps: Rating system :
  • Fucking Awesome. Super Fucking A - Kill yourself if you don't want to watch this movie, cos you suck. (Ex: Johnny Gaddar)
  • Awesome. Awesome. - You can contemplate on killing yourself but if you don't also its ok. But you should still feel miserable for not watching this movie. (Ex: Om Shanti Om)
  • One Night Stand - its ok, time pass. No feelings. Decent. Fun. But spending a lifetime with it, I don't think so. (Ex: Good Luck Chuck)
  • Focking Orrible - Its the one where you walk out of the theatres midway cos its Focking Orrible also because it makes you talk like a retarded cockney Brit. (Ex: Elections)
  • Focking Focking Orrible - You can't get worse than this. Self indulgent pieces of shit, crafted to look like funny or ugly or scary shit. Kill yourself for watching such kind of a movie and choke yourself to death on your own piss and shit. (Ex: Hostel)

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