Thursday, 6 December 2007

Not my day

Its freezing cold outside, with no trace of the sun, I am like a pseudo Superman, I get my cheerfulness from the sun. On top of that was tried to be woken up by a high pitched voice exuberant voice, than had to wait for 10 whole mins to catch an auto, who completely ignored my fake assed attempts at making small talk since somebody wasn't talking or messaging me back. And then when I decided to watch a movie to raise my spirits a million people ignore the Do not fucking disturb sign (yes ok, YOU did not, but others did), and now am left with no enthu left in my spirit, and all my attempts to laugh away this gloominess by making mean statements is met with justification, when all i need is some verbal sparring.

Lets hope it doesn't rain now. Fucking depressing shit then.

Think I may be Egyptian after all. You know Ra instead of Osiris. Somethings you never know.

1 comment:

anN-series said...

u hv described paris hilton's bad hair day....