Monday, 3 December 2007

Francium: Symbol Fr and Atomic # 87

Am feeling unstable right now. Mentally. Am more or less on a self-destruct mode, with the only thing holding me straight is my work. This is the most unstable I have ever felt. Feel like francium, think am going to decay into something I will never be able to recognize or bring it back to its original self. For the first time I find myself lost among my friends, partially because there ain't nobody at the moment, and the other being I cant enunciate what am going through right now.

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anN-series said...

by self destruction, u fail in the challenge of resilience thrown at u by a way thats great..coz at 4.30am today u realised u r not as strong as u thot u wer and in sometime u will prove that to the world too(hopefully not).