Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Birthdays and Baby-Making

Have you noticed that there are bunch of times when you are just flooded with birthdays of people you know in the year. The most prominent ones are in the Nov-Dec period, last week 2 weeks of November and first week of Dec, and a similar occurrence in the last week of may and first 2 weeks of June. Now am just theorizing here, humor me if you will, possible theories:

1. Zodiac sign

2. Social Ladder

3.Valentine babies

1. Zodiac sign: well we all know that zodiac sign says about you being compatible and not with certain zodiacs but then there are always aberrations which more or less disprove this theory because of the sheer #s.

2. Social Ladder: now this is just a theory, the people whose birthday is in the rush periods, are more social ones and are prone to have traveled a lot more and know a lot more people and hence put themselves on the upper rungs of the social ladder.

3. Valentine babies: Birthdays are more or less based on the human behavior, so the ones born in the Nov-Dec are the ones whose parents were more pron to coochie coo during the onset of spring, and the ones to be born during the may-jun were the ones during the onset of winter.

Now why onset of spring and winter?

Well people who coochie cooed in the winter(?) period were the ones who are more the tropical kind of people, where the cold is mild at the same time it is still warm and fuzzy at home.

People who coochie cooed in the spring time were the ones who were more pron to harsh and extreme weather changes around the year. And spring time is the time when the weather is perfect for them to get it on without trying to shield themselves from the sun or the winter.

I think. But still a very plausible theory.

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anN-series said...

that makes me a valentine baby..better still nov13 is very close to nov 14!!!