Thursday, 6 December 2007

And the Memory remains...

your image fleets across my mind,
i hold back these tears with a timid
still hear your whispers,
calling out my name,
we still play the kissing game,
it really is a shame,
it is...

With the world still awash,
and the waves still crash,
the gifts maybe in the trash,
I know i was rash,
but you broke everything with that dash
to the door,
left lurching me alone on the moor,

Still manage a laugh,
looking at the irony of it all,
try to hide the blood in my cough,
it was always tough,
still smile when you call,

listen to stupid songs on the radio,
wear the broken watch you gave,
carry the broken heart I have,
sing some strange tune Oh Oh O...

You said I could write,
you were right,
about life being hard and being strong,
never knew you would wrong
by banging the king kong,

(hehehehe... i think this line is damn funny... hahahahahaha... lol)

And now I have let it all go,
in one night fueled with booze and tears,
and never looked back since then,
the pain still remains and so will the memory,
at the back of my head,
buried along with me,
6 feet under.

Yes, I suck,
And am pretty good at it,and am quite proud of it.

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