Monday, 19 November 2007

Is Paris Hilton a telepathic robot developed by the military to distract the masses?

Well here are some options :

1. The vacant gazes, the mannequin poses, the soulless eyes. She's a robot all right.
2.Did you see that tape? You think a robot could do that?
3.Go easy on Paris. She's sweet.

Now am pretty sure, a lot of people who read this blog or any blog for that matter which has words written together in a comprehensible manner may most likely answer as the first choice.

But. Surprisingly. Here are the results.

1. The vacant gazes, the mannequin poses, the soulless eyes. She's a robot all right.

Garnered 28.14% (6671 votes)

2.Did you see that tape? You think a robot could do that?

Got 38.74% (9180 votes)

3.Go easy on Paris. She's sweet.

clinched 10.24% (2429 votes)

Though I really doubt this is the real reason/cause/effect/ on the whole paris hilton phenomenon. Yes, I also understand that Paris will now die a happy woman who has her orgasms video-recorded for eternity and found in the house holds of millions hormone raged mid-life crisis induced fat slobs (namely my father). And the reason for her getting cyclonic orgasms is that when she reads this blog all she is going to be hearing is me saying "booya" a million times over. because she is a fuck - wit and she can not read or write. So yea. Though she is pretty girl if you don't know her IQ is far more superior to the martian dust found on the moon.

But I really doubt Paris is actually a human creation. You need a highly intelligent and evolved species to create their anti - shit. You know like matter and anti - matter. She may be the biological freak show of a spine-less invert abate amoeba, who manages to forget wearing her panties, so that cool breeze can venture inside her and cool her over heated brain (?) after she thinks that "that's hot" is a perfectly valid answer to very serious question posed to her by the nincompoop journo's. Well that's just me. Though there is 38 odd % of people who think that what she did in the infamously famous sex video deemed her every bit human, though they are forgetting that the video was taken in night vision, so there is no evidence that it was her through out, it could as well have been her male look-alike with a dick hanging between his legs, a protrusion of his spine which he should shove up his anal rectum so that he can stand up straight.

Wonder how she manages to be a craze in the whole of Japan and be a role model for small girls? this definitely needs to be on the archives of Ripley's believe it or not.

"i really doubt humans are so smart to make something so dumb, seriously, i just think she is some ameoba or something like that, which has adapated itself to survive."


anN-series said...

paris hilton is my role model...i take offence!!! :~P

Zennmaster said...

another one bites the dust... :P

lavina said...

amen to tht

Anonymous said...

Arrey yaaar..!..Close your face up thinks you are the male version of paris... :-)