Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Few More Excerpts:

Marie’s doing her own thing, washing the dishes, bonding with her mum on the phone, reminiscing about all the fun times she has had during thanksgiving, Alan on the other hand is getting impatient in the bedroom waiting for his wife to stop yapping and to get it on, so what does any man who is feeling horny and has a raging boner do to kill time and not affect the boner. Correct. Watch Porn.

Marie walks in only to find her husband deeply engrossed in a 3 way female action. After 57 years of married life, Marie still can’t figure out how men get it on with the whole concept of threesomes, and she asks Alan “what’s with men and their fascination for melange trois.... I understand the whole obsession with sex, I do...I really do...” she pauses for dramatic touch “But will you or will I voluntarily watch the one of us make love to another woman/man, right in front of us?” Alan “ Baby! is an entirely different story all together” “Marie! What can I say?” with a real sheepish grin the one he knows makes his wife still go weak kneed after all these years of marriage. “ Hey! I’m a possessive woman and being born under a zodiac that as a whole is very territorial really does not help things. More so, when it comes to my man. And I warned you about that” as Alan slowly places his hands on her legs, he still can’t imagine after all these years he still finds her as sexy, hot and beautiful as she was when he met her, and without missing a beat Marie continues “If I think someone s staking a claim on what s rightfully mine, then people ought to know why my zodiac s represented by a lion or a lioness in my case. I get vicious, I do. It’s not something that I’m proud of or something I enjoy”.

With her monologue still continuing, Alan drifted off to his own world, and all the other women he had before he met Marie.

”Men. Men are dogs, they are! I know that. Men need to be trained to behave, otherwise they will just shit and piss all over your favorite rug. Just like dogs think about food, men think about sex, in different ways, different times and a lot of times with different people, everything is good according to men if the sex is good. But I don't think it’s just the men, I think women think about sex all the time too. I think sex is something which a man has to do just like he has to breathe. He would prefer it if the air was not polluted, and it is fresh, clean air, and the man is not going to be happy if he has to fight over or for this air. A lot of men get territorial about this space of air which they think truly belongs to them. Which is otherwise called as “insecurity”? I for one know that there I will never have to fight with somebody in my head or in reality over my wife. Cocky?


As Marie was cleaning up from the party they had the previous night celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary, with the neighbors daughter aged 21, a die-hard romantic by the looks of all the movies and books Marie keeps lending this girl, helping her out, Marie launched into her favorite story, while I went to the porch to light up my morning cigarette.

“I lost my virginity to my husband. I was probably the only person amongst my friends to have lost it so late in life. In one way, I’m glad I waited. I’ll never have to go through the insecurity of thinking if one of my boyfriends left me because the sex was bad. Hey! I was a weird little girl and in some ways I still am. Not that I don’t have self doubts now and again but hell, I’m married. I’m a romantic at heart and the whole lose your virginity to the guy you love idea appealed to me.” At time Alan couldn’t help but think back to the time when he used to think the same thing and to the woman he lost his virginity to. And then he let his wife’s shrill voice which he has from time and again come to love it and hate it all at the same time drown out his thoughts and watch her smile as he winked her discreetly. “I still believe sex is more than just the physical act,” As she patiently tried to explain her stand to the impressionable Lilly, “It’s a lot more. It’s about being able to laugh with someone once it’s over, about knowing that the other person loves you without a word being spoken, it’s about the peck on the forehead after the entire act when your eyes are closed from sheer exhaustion. It’s about the tiny things that speak the most....” As her voice trailed off in the background, Alan forced himself to go have a bath, and was hoping that Marie hears him taking a bath, it was how Marie got him into the habit of taking a bath everyday.

While in the shower, Alan can’t help but think profoundly along the same lines what Marie was talking about in the living room, “I think people get to know each other when they shed their inhibitions along with their cloths, it is mighty difficult, people always keep thinking, am I too fat? am I too hairy? Am I too small? And shit like that, they fail to understand the difference between making love and having sex, animals have sex, but humans make love. Though it is a different feeling altogether, watching another human with no cloths on, am pretty sure a lot of people feel weird just at looking at their own naked bodies, they get this whole detached feeling when they are looking at their body as if, they aren't looking at their body at all. But contrary to popular belief which is actually quite true, I have slept with a lot of women, and am not quite proud of it, because honestly majority of the times my intentions were totally dishonest and I don like that feeling of being guilty. I have never seen a woman fully naked except my wife and that somehow puts a smile on my face, and when it comes to carrying herself with such grace, there isn’t anybody who can come close. When I look back to the time when we first made love, I knew right then and there am a lucky man, not many men get a woman like this, though there maybe an outside chance that I need glasses, because am blind."

"But the truth is, am not blind, am not blind to the stretch marks, am not blind by the dentures she uses, am not blind to the wrinkles, am not blind to the look of exhaustion, instead of being turned off by all these, am actually quite turned on by all this, simply because all this belongs to my wife and man I love this woman from the bottom of my heart. When her claws come out to mark her territory I get super turned on. Well what can I say? Am a dog in love with a foxy kitten and I may possibly suffer from a obsessed heart."

When Alan came out of his bath Marie was still at it, "I din want just a wedding, I wanted a marriage. And I'm married. I have had relationships before. Not too many of them like Alan and none to be very proud about but none of those men brought out these feelings in me. Feelings of intense frustration, sheer helplessness, rage. The feeling of being so protective about someone that if anyone comes close to hurting them, I wanna cause that person physical pain. The feeling that whatever happens or how ever much I mess up, someone will be there to hold me, the feeling that when the whole world hates me, someone still loves me for who I am, the feeling of being so proud of the other that you feel like your heart will burst. The feeling of loving someone with all your heart and being loved in return. Make no mistake, a marriage is not rainbows and butterflies all the time….. In fact most times its not. It’s about the times we fight like there’s no tomorrow, and kiss and make up after the fight. Its about the times one person's feeling awful and the other knows just the things to make them feel better, its about holding hands, whispering in each others ears, giggling like kids for private jokes, sending dirty messages to each other. Its about making love. Its about being yourself.”

As Alan looked at Marie looking patronizingly at Lilly, he couldn’t help but hug her from behind and plant a big kiss and whisper in her ears, “I love you”.

As this incident played in Alan’s mind for the umpteenth time 13 years later. It's been 7 years since Marie had passed away, when people were asking his sanity since he more often than not lapsed into conversations with Marie’s ghost who he knew was wandering around to make sure Alan is alright.

Alan was lost in his own surreal world where Marie kept fleeting across his reality, and sometimes she used to just listen Alan talk just like the way she has always loved him talking all these years “What do I have to live for? Well at the moment, nothing but memories, memories of you and me laughing like kids after the fabulous sex, laughing like kids while playing games kids play. (Just for the record you cheated). Crying when you realize that something is wrong and you can't do much about it. Trying to keep my hands to myself when all I wanted do was take your body and ravage it. What do I have? I have tears in my eyes reminiscing all these memories, I have your smell still lingering in the air and your taste still fresh on my lips. What do I have? Conviction, that we will unite again when I die and in the next birth we shall again live together once again. Where we can hold each others hands, hug each other, whisper sweet nothings. What can I say? Am obsessed with you. Well what can I say?.”

At this point, Alan can no longer contain all those tears he din cry all these years, jsut came pouring down, as he lied down on the cold floor curling up trying to hide those tears but not wanting to stop crying, he figured if he cried hard enough and long enough she will come back, and in between all those tears and those contorted face muscles all he could manage to keep muttering was " you won, you won, you are coolest one, I swear, please come back" as he soon passed out from all the exhaustion.

He was found dead on the cold wet floor, 3 days later. His worst fears came true...

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