Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Am I the male version of Paris Hilton?

Try as I may and the rest of the world population to guard their children and themselves from this virus called Paris Hilton, we fail miserably. And I am no exception as one avid (?) reader of this blog has noted, I may actually be a male version of Paris Hilton herself.

Well its quite interesting actually, I never actually thought about it myself. Am sure a lot of people get mistaken that am a pretty looking guy. Can't blame them actually considering that a lot of people are abandoning their glasses for something snazzy like contact lenes (yuck!). I am pretentious, considering the different people I chose to be depending on how cool and awesome they are. On some certain aspects I am like Paris, not going to be saying otherwise. I am stuck up, and arrogant sonofabitch on more occasions than one. Am not sure about Paris since I don't hang out with her in the social circles. I prefer to talk about quantum physics and chaos and the fun and interesting bits about my job. I do act like an air head on more counts than one. I come close to being the male version of Paris Hilton. But not quite there you know.

Takes a lot to actually flash your panties or panty-less bottom under the blitzing flashes of the paparazzi, sure I seek fame fortune, attention like her, but seriously I doubt my boxers or me would go to that level you know. I know am totally taking the piss out of the previous blog, but seriously I was just thinking we the people who actually point fingers at others like myself in this case, how are we saying we are superior to these people we are pointing our fingers at, you know. Though I would like to see my bank balance be in the same ball park figure as hers. Get piss drunk, shag a lot of women, and just be a plain asshole, at the moment am just the plain asshole bit.

There is a possibility I may become like her. But till then let me go about pointing my finger and poke my dick around where I can. =)


Anonymous said...

Kyaa yaar! you took my comment so serious;y and posted another item too??!!.... :-) kya kehena!..!! But me thinks thats so paris again,you know coming out in the public and troubling yourself with having to respond to the bricks that get thrown at you..sigh!kya kahein!! :-)
Long live pyaris..aur long live our pyaris male version! :-)

anN-series said...

now thats some food for thot..i think ur smiles match...