Thursday, 27 September 2007

Your worth... =)

Well, How do I begin this one? Am just crossing my fingers that by writing this am not jinxking anything, because I have had a lot of false starts. Oh trust me on that. And that is exactly even though am caught in a mire of emotions am fucking guarded about my emotions right now. And i definitely do not want to talk about the other false starts here.

But what am going to talk about is not what I feel, but how much I think the person is worth. I mean a lot of people want people to tell them what they are truly worth. I know. There are very few things which decides the worth of a person. The cause for what he lays his/her life for. The reason for what he lives his life. And the lives he/she has given a reason to live for.

Well, this is for you. Yes you. The person who was caught in conundrum of emotions and asking questions and feeling shitty because there were no answers with you. You were asking questions as to how to get yourself a job, which will pay off your loan, which will give you joy and happiness, well I don't know about all that.

What I do know that you have given me, the twins ;), the dog(s?), a reason to live. A reason to smile when am walking around in the house with my shoes on, when I see a movie which brings tears to my eyes, when I listen to songs which I wanna sing to you and dance with you. Life is not about getting yourself a merc convertible, it is about having a laugh, life is not about getting dressed in fancy labels, its about laughing at your ever expanding waist lines and so many other things. And for me this is life, I know ( oh trust me there are people in this world who will sell their souls for that merc and a fancy label) what is life. Because I have seen life from both ends now.

But you will never truly realize your worth, because nobody can tell you what life is worth living for, but you should know that life is about finding happiness, and you are worth life itself, you worth all the tears one cries pining away for you, you are worth all the dreams one dreams, you are worth all the smiles one smiles when staring into space, you are worth all the time spent on the net waiting for you to come online, you are worth all the time spent staring at the phone hoping you will call or message.

And I really am not wine connoisseur, nor am I an antique collector but I do know that with time your worth is going to go up, way above. You are worth is more than what Google is, if Google crashes or stops working for sometime, people can wait and will eventually move on, but if you crash, I will cease to exist. Its more like symbiotic relation you know.

This is how much you are worth. =)

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