Saturday, 22 September 2007


Date: 15/09/07

So the 5 spartans residents of sparta Apt # 301 decided in their monthly general body meeting that we needed to get ourselves cots (i prefer to call them as beds) and show rack. Now what was supposed to be a job whose objective should have been met within the first few minutes the sparta's hit the shopping market turned into a wussy job save for me.

Now I have always found shopping to be fun as long as it does not involve bargaining, I find bargaining stressful. And I have found the distaste towards shopping all because of me beautifully irritating and stupid mum ( that is just me personal opinion, I know people who will swear she is the re-incarnation of einstein herself). I have found mum bargaining and winning bargains. Quick ex: she found a awesome coral set down at the beaches of goa, and she wanted to get hands on it. But. Slight problem, the asking price for that was 1500 INR, and if you look at the piece you can bet your fav pair of red superman boxers ( i have the only piece, so you can replace it with your fav piece of under garments) and guess what me mum thought it was worth. 150 rupees. So when she started arguing, i went to go get meself a carton of smokes and a carton of breezers, and when me came back after looking at all the nubile fresh pieces of meat in all shapes and sizes and colors, me came to find mum stuck at 750 INR. And after whole load of bargaining and couple of packs of smokes she finally got the thing for 150.

Now me realised that you need shit loads of patience to pull such a shit off, now that is something I seriously lack. Me cluedo mates will tell you about that. If there was a nerve in me body called patience it sure is showing its virtue in coming to view.

Anyway all we had to get was a shoe-rack, and 5 fucking cots, anyway using the expert negotiating skills which kevin spacey will be fucking proud of, me got ourselves a brillaint deal of 5 beds @ 750 each. Considering he was initially quoting it at 1800 each. But then when I had finalized the deal, 2 spartan chuths whom I really think are boy loving atheanians, came tried to act as if they were fucking getting their money's worth. I mean c'mon, 750 for a bed made out of wood is a fucking steal. but noooooo, chuths.

Anyway thats where it all started and the stress-levels reached a new peak when we got back home, and I suddenly realised that the neighbours down-stairs had some how over heard me plans of getting a dog and they got themselves a pup. Fucking chuths. An awesome black lab pup, and they named it simba. Now the 2 boy-loving athenians I was talking about, well they are bunch of religious zealots, in a good way though, and according to them they cannot touch a dog, I mean gimme a fucking break you guys. There is a reason as to why GOD -> DOG are spelt in a certain way. And there is also a reason why dogs are called man's best friend. Though I think this is a hidden agenda from the 2 boy-loving athenian chuths to hide and disguise the fact that they are plain pure pussies and do not have the balls to play with a fucking pup for god sakes, am not asking them to play with a fucking grey-dane, now thats a ugly scary looking dog.

Anyway. Am just plain pissed at the boy - lovers. Hopefully. Soon I shall get meself a dog, and a caretaker for both me and the dog. =)

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