Saturday, 1 September 2007

Reality is pain in the wrong place...

So my career move has gotten me thinking about a lot of mundane things which I normally would like to brush under the carpet.

1. New office: is another 4 KM away from my prev work place, so that kicks up the commuting cost.

2. New Pay Package: Though am getting ample saving options in this new pay package, I will be getting lesser money on hand than what I was getting previous to this, so that kinda restricts my splurges.

3. I will have to settle off the advance of my apt this month.

All in all kind of leaves me in deep shit this month and the next couple of month, till I can use some of the saved money.

Here are the following solutions which are scary and difficult but not impossible.

1. no booze. Knocks out about 500. Thats like 3 full bottles of rum.

Scary bit: I really donno how I am going to manage the loneliness stayin sober. Its gonna be bad. Real bad. Scary. Trust me.

2. No buying smokes. Let me be very clear. Am not buying smokes, that does not mean am quitting smoking. I just won't buy smokes. I will just have to bum smokes from people who have and are generous enough to give me a smoke or 2. And also the majority of my savings are coming from here.

3. Learn to travel by bus: I thought of gettin myself a cycle the one in jo jeeta wo sikandar types which I always wanted. But then cycling 16 KM everyday did not sound like so much of fun. And esp the weather here whcih sucks totally, cycling in the rains is not such a good propostion. Will have to save up and buy a bike.

4. No partying: self explainatory.

So basically am just hoping and praying that they swamp me with so much of work that I find it hard to breathe. And I love it. Scary really thinking about doing nothing and being sober and not smoking. Scary. Did i say that already. ???


LaV said...

love the no buyin smokes idea dude..true u gona save alot ther..;)
n as 4 the bicycle...hahahahahaha

Patish said...

ok i can really empathize with all those points but i cant get myself to NOT buy smokes...just cant bum smokes from anyone...its a weird relationship i have with them cancer if you can carry it off...way to go!