Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Once there was superman,
And like all heroes he had a super love story,
But then he had to leave and save the planet,
And so he left from the pages of the greatest love story ever…

Once there was this girl who,
Fell sick quite often, superman was in love with her,
Superman dreamt dreams about her until,
Batman took her away,
And so she left from the pages of the greatest love story ever…

Once there was this girl who,
Fell in love with superman,
Superman was no longer a man with a heart,
The girl used to dream dreams about superman,
Heartbroken to find super man no longer a man,
And so they left the pages of the greatest love story ever,

But both the girls were glad, because,
Superman had it more bad.

Cause Once there was this girl,
Who was in love with superman,
Superman was man again,
they dreamt dreams of each other,
And then she had to leave to chase her dreams,
Superman offered to fly her but after sometime,
She lost patience, and krrish took her away,
And there ended the greatest love story ever.

She left him with a bullet in the head,
Superman was no longer a man,
Man was he super ever?
Was there a love story greater than his?

He flew into a rage, broke every girls heart safe in its cage,
Left them shattered, and all they felt for him was hatred,
He was a man and he faltered,

Once there was a superman,
People knew him for all the wrongs,
So he made this song,
To make all the wrongs right,

And like all superheroes,
He had to leave to save the planet,
And he never came back,

The end of the greatest story ever...

ps: Ah. Lame arse attempt at poetry. Never mind. Ignore.


Nish said...

:) lol

Zennmaster said...

olrite its bad agreed... but it aint so bad you know...

Anonymous said...

..i'll be missing you..

Zennmaster said...

and I will be missing you too...as soon as I know who you are...

Anonymous said...

You cant be missing me.. nah uh. We werent together long enough for you to miss me.

Zennmaster said...

well...its but obvious that we din't go out for too long because you apparently don't know that I don't like people leaving anon comments on my blog...

ps: the irony of it all, I have been in honest and give it all kinda love with all the women I have been...no matter how brief the whole thing was...its true...