Friday, 14 September 2007

My first Hangover!


I mean i have drank till I have puked my guts out over the commode, I have drank till I have passed out, I have drank so much that I couldn't get Mr. Willy up, but none of them left me with a hangover which people keep complaining about, the ones where your head is the stage for a bunch of african tribal dance with the Tom-Toms passing on some ancient jungle message to the Ghost who walks.

So let's try and play Sherlock Holmes and find the cause for it.

If you wondering what I had like that, well here were the contents:

2 nos. Pitchers of beer (I still hate beer, it still smells like piss and looks like it.)

Countless Rum and Coke.

I had a Chicken Kebab Katti Roll for dinner with loads of Raitha, and then I was playing UNO. And I did go to bed (slumped is closer) around 0130 hrs. But I woke up back again to find there is no current (foine! power for all you NRI wannabe chuths) with the biggest headache coming a close second to henoch schonlein syndrome induced tummy aches. And the feeling is made worse with the cotton in your mouth feeling. So I lay there for the next hour or so, and then I couldn't take it anymore, so me woke up to light up a smoke (btw its like a magic thing any pain of any nature is vastly reduced after the first smoke) and as I watched the beautiful shapes being formed by the smoke blown out of my still pink luscious lips suddenly the light in the neighbouring ground floor house caught my eagle eyes and I was wondering WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK??? it was close to 0445 hrs by then.

So I dragged my well formed arse and super clean feet (my roomies will vouch for me feet, for the well formed arse bit I have references), I go ask the watchman why is there no current??? ( what I actually wanted to do was " YO BASTARD WTF is going on???? " but you know the dream sequences are always the perfect thing than the reality shit.

His answer, something burned and I switched it off. Hmmm... So when exactly are you planning to switch it back on? Yes I will look into it and switch it on soon.

Now this chuth's soon was as good as a horse taking a dump while walking around the country side, and there I am looking the darned fan and thinking to myself, maybe I should quit smoking, look at you huffing around like a old fuck, then I slapped myself for even thinking about such a thing.

Anyway I slept after the fan finally started moving and slept for an hour or so. The headache since then has considerably reduced but it still pains like shit...

So me have decided, no more fucking beer. And the watchman sucks dick, and for a butt-plug sonofabitch should try shitting in a mosquito infested shit hole wherehe dies of fucking mosquito bites. Chuth.

And the hangover is the worst part of drinking. Even puking is fine. But hangover. god bless the soul who suffers such a fucking pain.

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