Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Fart Theory

Well everybody has their own bunch of weird arse theories about whether a relationship can work or not. I have mine. And it is called the fart theory. If I have been in a relationship with you and/or really liked you, then you would have been in a fellow participant in the fart theory.

Well the origins of this theory is not known, but if I remember vaguely it came into existence sometime in the months of Jan-feb of the year 2004.

The Fart Theory: its simple actually. You will have a successful relationship if both the guy and the girl/guy can fart in the presence of each other without having to be perturbed by the fact that they are in the company of somebody they really like a lot, and think are considerably hot and think that by letting one rip they are going to reduce their chances of happily ever after.

This also shows that, there is no formality in the relationship. We all know formality is fine with certain people, people with whom you think are can be very used as somebodies arse replacement. (No offence to everybody who looks butt ugly, I have to tell you that even though I look ugly myself my butt is the cutest part of my body, so ladies don't try and grab some, I charge per feel.).

Like I said, a lot of people have theories, like Marshall's and Lilies Olive theory, Marshal hates them, Lilly loves them. So whoever can complement this way are meant to be.

Though the thing with the olive theory is that you can so easily lie about it. But not with the fart theory, you cannot lie where you can smell the evidence. I know my room-mate Kurian is going to be happily married ever after with his lovely fiance ( and my sister ), because he lets out the longest, ugliest, stinkiest farts ever known to mankind and am sure there is a inside joke which both of them share. And I know they will last the distance. Though its a different issue that seeing them makes me believe in love all over again. 3 and half years a long arse distance relationship and still going strong.

(If they have boys, am going to be their godfather. They will be the coolest godson's ever. If they have girls then I will still be their godfathers but since I would have told them about every single trick in the book, the girls will be the biggest bitches ever.)

Coming back to the fart theory. I firmly believe that once a relationship reaches the stage where both of you can fart in front of each other and laugh about it instead of being embarrassed then you should get married. Right away. No point waiting for the inevitable you know. And if you love somebody and you still haven't farted in front of each other then you should wait before you tie the knot. Because falling in love and moving in together are 2 different issues. And not everybody is like me, who finds farting in front of each other is romantic. Well what can I say. Am weird. In a good way am told.

So oh btw let me know if you think that fart theory is awesome or awesome? by dropping comments. Long time since I saw a comment in there. So fart away.


kurian said...

Too good mate...too good! Thanks for all the love and the fart when we actually know who the real farter is.

Trust me...Somebody's gonna get a fart real bad...I won't tell you who!

Magnificent Minds! said...

AC, This Romantic Fart Smells GooD !!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Zennmaster said...

Why thank you kind Sir/Madam...

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