Thursday, 13 September 2007

Biscuits ?!?

So here I am , listening to yahoo launch cast (music acts like a stimulant for me hyper active brains), and am wondering " Hmmm! so what can I blog on? ". So I turn around and ask me colleague " dude tell me a topic to blog about?". He says "Biscuits" contentedly.

So Biscuits it is. Now when me was young and was used to watch movies and the Greatest stars ever alive where Mithun Chakravarthy and Govinda and Gold Biscuits were smuggled between the sweat pores present on the lean and mean police force (wonder why they show the Cops having rotund tummies, what kind of image does that show the Bollywood ignorant savant that we starve our cops by not giving them food and money??? Tsk... Tsk).

Coming back to biscuits, Gold biscuits to be more precise, I always used to ask around where the (fuck) you get these (though me did not know the existence of the bi-syllable curse words back then)? And nobody knew it and I gave up hope. Probably explains why am not too keen on buying and eating biscuits. I mean who in his right senses will want to eat gold? ( think me dad is capable of doing that, just to make sure that the money doesn't go too far from him, though am thinking how far he will go in trying to emulate "certain" people I know who have serious constipation. ( I used to have it, USED to.) ( some people still do, *sadistic smile*) ( its a killer smile said some people innocently).

The only biscuits which I don't mind eating are bourbons. There are 2 reasons why I do such a thing, one the name is same as the whiskey, and the other being it is not a fruit flavor. I mean seriously, if people want fruity flavors then go fucking eat fruits man. Even when it comes to jams. There is an exception to mix-fruit jam (my fav) because there is not fruit called mix-fruit with mix-fruit taste. But yes, me hate the feeling of biscuit getting stuck at the back of the throat (perverts if you reading this, wipe that stupid pervert smile of your face.) But the others you get the idea right. And I was never a tea or a coffee drinker until recently so the whole nuance of eating biscuits with your cuppa of chai or coffee (whatever) is lost on me. Me always been a horlicks drinker and me love it. :D

And though all that will eventually change once me get myself a dog. Think me will then be a regular consumer of biscuits ( dog biscuits? me donno. Gold Biscuits I don't think so). But till then you go grab your cup of coffee (for me and if I like you I may even give you my share of biscuits.) =)

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