Tuesday, 21 August 2007

What qualities would you seek in the Ideal Leader of India?

Well am presuming that before he/she being looked upon as an ideal leader we assume that he/she is a ideal human being too. Ignoring all the presumptions and assumptions. And considering the number of responses this question has already gathered, I may do nothing but rehash something which others may have already said. But being a leader anywhere and particularly for India, one needs to exercise patience which is legendary. India is a country where the people make decisions with their heart more often than their minds. An Ideal leader for India should be one who can capture the hearts of billion people, and make them march as one. Now that is a ideal leader, considering the fact that even the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi did not have the support of a tiny fraction of extremists. But like the cliché goes, You cant please everybody all the time. Well for me the Ideal (which we know is something of reference point for us, for us to gauge the leader) Leader should be able to do that. Complete unanimous support.

For me my Ideal leader should not try and prove ourselves better than other countries, but try and better ourselves, and in the due process if we manage to surpass few countries when it comes to metrics like poverty level, literacy, unemployment, standard of living and others more than saying to ourselves that Yes! We are better than so and so country, we should say, Alright we crossed this milestone on our road map, and so the journey continues. And this is something which has got to be done on a individualistic level. And more than anything else accountability for ones action. A good leader takes the followers down some road. It can be any road depending how he makes his followers perceive it. But if something untowardly happens. Accountability helps in keeping the moral fiber of the nation intact.

Yes, I know my ideal leader is one ridden with clichés. But then isn't trying to be one a cliché in itself.


Ria said...

as i read it... all i could think of was EMRAAN HASHMI acting patriotic in gangster... **LOL** :D

conscientious AC... sounds like an oxymoron to me :D

**no offense, as always**


But i feel that in the present scenario i couldn't able to find any ideal leader who guide the ppl in the right path... If there r any then i am damn sure then it wud be countable in fingers only.. To convince e'one and lead the way is the toughest part... As one can say even all the fingers in our hand r not same, then how come we expect all the ppl to accept the views of one man..

"Leader should be a sound listener too and encourage his fellow men to extract work from them to the optimum, to work towards a target"...