Friday, 10 August 2007

SUIT UP... Answer to all my woes....

Anyway I was trying to get over one single girl ( yes. One. you heard that right. Yes. Single. You heard that also right. ) Anyway so wasn't feeling too well. Partially thanks to an unstated Murphy's law " When you can't feel more shitty, you will feel more shitty " and he meant it in a totally non-rushing to the loo because of some laxative OD.

Another Murphy's law which am sure has never been written down, because he told me this when we were on our way to be gloriously getting ourselves shit-faced. And he said " When you want to forget about some bitch/bastard. The radio will make sure you remember them." Anyway I was too piss drunk myself and therefore lost all implications of what he meant. But on hindsight. Like always sonofabitch makes perfect sense.

Anyway so I was feeling shittier and me decided enough is enough. Not like this was the only thing running on my head at that point of time. And not that you guys give a flying fuck but the company am working for is going under. Not that you guys know which company i work for or what exactly i do, which includes a lot downloading songs, talking with people online ( chatting ) calling up friends all over the country, raiding the fridge in my cabin pour myself the occasional drink, and light up one smoke after another.

So i decided me had enough of "working". And I decided to go back home, and also because of the fact that I had finished downloading, the season 2 of HIMYM ( How I met your mother). And while watching it, and feeling more and more shitty about the whole deal me was making about women in my life. Them being either manic depressive, weirdo, materialistic, or jus plain crazy eyes or for that matter a grinch ( you can never say the 4 letter word to a woman ) anyway. It suddenly dawned on me that all I needed to feel good about myself was to SUIT UP!. And i realized that all this getting married thing is just an epidemic.

I mean sure I would love to have one single woman whom am crazy about for the rest of life (maybe am already am) and it only depresses me further. But who the fuck am I kidding. Am not gonna find the one true love. She is gone. I may as well suit up. And feel good about myself. And hey even though me know that it is a temp solution. Am not really looking forward to find a permenant solution.

Anyway though am not complaining about women here either. But me now realise that they can't be an integral part of my life. They are the bonuses. They are not the end.

Company is going down. You don't know what to do. SUIT UP!

Girl leaving you for another guy. And you are wondering why? . You did NOT SUIT UP!. So SUIT UP!.

Girl 2-timing you with your best friend. well then hats off to the girl. She was SUITED UP!.

Wanna get laid and not bother about the girl's name. SUIT UP!

Want to get respect from everybody and anybody. SUIT UP!.

Well the next time murphy and me do another round of binge drinking. Me gonna give him a DeMarco Law. " For anything and everything, SUIT UP! ".

Catch you guys later. I gotta go suit up. And get ready for another Legendary day. And don forget to carry along with you, your zippo and some smokes. Cos if you aren't suited up. You better have some smokes I can bum off you.

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Gayatri said...

barney would be VERY proud.. :P