Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Pursuit Of Happyness!

This part of my life is called as Happyness.

You have seen me go through different parts of life, failure, heartbreak, living it large. But nothing comes even remotely close to this feeling. This feeling of happiness. I just received my offer letter from Hansa Research, a market research company. Now I am the Senior Research Associate.

I have dreamed about happiness in the form of marital bliss, coming home to a loving wife (which is a big question mark) and if i looked far enough into the future to the sounds of Armaan and Tamanna shouting Daddy's home. Like I said really far into the future. But since all this is out of the window and into the city's sewer along with other shit floating around and maybe somebody unfortunate may find them and find solace and may even bless me for letting it go. ( Hope the bastard does this basic courtesy, you know who you are :P ) . Though like everything in life this to comes at a price and a catch.

The price and the catch being that I will be starting all over again and taking home less dough than I have gotten used to. And people who know me know pretty well that money in my hands is as good as booze in the hands of a drunkard ( oh wait a second I just described myself twice). But you get the idea. So not only is this job going to give me satisfaction, it is also going to thrust upon myself the art of managing my money. Which i totally suck in a awesome way (am good at sucking, if you know wat I mean. Don't go saying " everybody says so", I got references ) .

So this is what I will have to do, cut down my smoking. I did not say quit it. Never. But reduce it. Am smoking close to 30 packs per month now. Maybe more than that. Will have to reduce it like say by 1/3rd or something. I know tall order aint it but what the fuck. No pain, no gain. And I will have to reduce my drinking and learn the bus routes in Bangalore since me can't be raping the company's car or the fridge. And the suits will have to be saved up for casual dressing. Siigh!.

But fuck. This is awesome. I love this job. Women, money fame and fortune can wait for sometime. Like V's status message read " You cannot have it all, all the time ".

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