Thursday, 30 August 2007

A Legendary Dinner!

Well me quite like the scene by scene narration style. Me shall continue with that.

Tuesday Afternoon:

Get a call from Gopal asking me to keep myself free for tommorrow night. Dinner party. His dad is going to be in town. Now for a man whose been starved for good food for sometime not because it ain't available but because I haven't been able to tell what exactly my fine palate requires. So I tell him cool.

Was supposed to go for tuesday's party along with Gopal and his classmates, but decided to take a rain-check on it. ( Din I mention that am kinda slightly busy right now in life and don't have time for women and partying right now).

Wednesday Morning:

Have to go for another interview, ( I like to have options and then screw my head up my arse trying to decide on one option). Anyway as usual those people love me. ( Wonder what is that people who are taking my interview love me so much for anyway). Anyway am not taking up that offer.
Couple of reasons:
a) I will be moving back to chennai ( which totally sucks, the city and I have a love hate relationship)
b) I will be starting of as a junior all over again.
c) I would be asked to make cold calls all over again and I hate the very bit of it.

Wednesday Evening:

Get a frantic call from my MD. So decided to meet up and talk about something which was impending for quite sometime. And no it wasn't about me getting fired. On the contrary he was appreciating my work ( the world is going to end soon, am sure about it ) anyway he finally tells me what I have always doubted. The ex-ceo turned out to be a cheat and raped MD's arse. Without the lube. Am told that it pains a lot and it bleeds too. Anyway in the midst of all this drama being unfolding, I get a call from Gopal reminding me about the dinner deal.

Anyway I drop of dinner of to my flat and head out for this place called Tandoor in Blore, ( its pretty close by to my office) anyway, We guys order and drink. All in moderation. Talk and share stories. You know the whole big group of people sitting around a table, eating, drinking, talking all at the same time.

Nothing legendary about the night so far. Till. The bill decides to show up, just to add the bit of awesomeness to the pale night. The bill was a whooping *****. You guys can take a guess. Planning to have a contest. Anybody ( any girl) whose guess comes closest to the real bill gets to take me out for coffee. I know the offer is just too hard to resist. And the comment section is going to lie barren. This is just to check if anybody reads this shit anyway or no.

The closing time for the contest is Aug 31st 1200 Hrs IST.


Ria said...

so who 'won'

Zennmaster said...

22 fucking grand was the right answer.