Thursday, 2 August 2007

How i Got Cigarette Aids!!!

No seriously. The present awesomely sick physical state am in is what I call as Cigarette Aids. Now the reasons one contracts this is very similar to AIDS itself. But the symptoms are totally different.


1. Your throat feels like there is sand poured down it.

2. Your head feels like it contains water and your brain is a pebble which is moving a lot forcing you to hold your head with BOTH your hands. Just to make sure that the pebble doesn't roll away somewhere.

3. When you cough it faintly resembles a clogged toilet trying to clear itself.

4. You are basically feeling miserable all the time. And think why O why did you have to cheat.

5. You feel basically fucked. The wrong way.


Now the Ciggie Aids may come due a # of reasons. But like Aids the prime reason is infidelity to your brand of smokes. There is only so much of fucking around you can be doing with the other brands before life catches up with you.

But the best part about is that when you get Ciggie Aids. And you realise your mistake and repent for it. You actually get well. I mean consider if only smokes were actually women. I mean sure everything kills. Even too much sex. Why can't ciggies be women. I mean they let you meander and let you realise on your own that there is a reason why people say, " Made for each other ". I mean seriously.

So me made a solemn promise to myself that me will not betray or think about smoking any other brand of smokes than my usual. Even if it means stayin without smokes. When you have health you have everything. And for me trust, honesty and loyalty is of prime importance in any relationship. Blind faith added to it. And me promise that to my smokes.

Everybody should be forgiven when they are repenting and are suffering punishment and realise why they are being punished in the first place. Me thinks Sanju baba be released with full izzat.

But me just hoping that me get well soon. Me a wreck when me sick. Though more about how I am when am sick. And do I really get sick in the first place??? All these Qs answered in the next blog... till then stay tuned to the only hoarse voice of a seasoned smoker.

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