Monday, 16 July 2007

Suit Up!

There is going to be a momentary (I hope not) detour the barnacle way. I have realized. Now. That Any man serious about the art of consistent layage needs to comprehend the following truism: Chicks love suits. For my Spanish readers: A las chicas le gustan los trajes. Don't believe me? Visit any fine tailor or vendor of serious menswear and who do you find standing outside, all pressed up and panting against the glass? Chicks, that's who. Staring in, straining to catch a glimpse of your sophisticated virility. You know it, I know it, chicks know it.

And from now on, you gonna find me suited up. Though I still need couple of suits. But hey what the heck. You in turn are going to be introduced to an altogether new lingo. Anyway this is a new facet to my personality which i recently evolved with all his complete early life details in place.

I was a love puppy dog, madly in love with a girl, who left me because i wasn't suited and established enough like the much older man she cheated with. This was the catalyst for my new personality and behavior.

Stay tuned for the more legendary adventures coming your way. This is going to be awesome.

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