Thursday, 26 July 2007

Slap me the next time I...

Say or want to quit smoking. I mean sure I had fought the battle against my best friend. But in the end you really cant stay away from friends now can you. And i realised the hard and embarrassig way as to how much I need my friend. Cigarettes.

Anyway so there I was Gtalkin with people and orkutting as always in office. And i donno wat happened next. It was well over 48 hours since I last smokes a cigarette, and like i mentioned my head was splitting bad. Anyway Me was supposed to meet up with my friends. And they been calling me up. Like 10-15 times and i did not know about it. WHY??? Cos i had fucking passed out.

Beat that. 48 hours and I pass out. Me know that me addicted to it. So anyway me was woken up by my juniors in office by generous sprinkling of water on my face. And no I did not pass out cos I did not eat properly. I ate in the morning. Me thinks this must have something like women's period, you know where they pass outta pain. And me told you the pain of quittin smoking may not be as big as periods but it def not less.

But anyway. Me was freaked out. So me went and got myself 3 smokes. And me smoked them. And trust me I could feel my soul come back into my body. Its was like the patronus charm to scare away the dementors who were sucking away all my love and happiness.

My roomies will vouch for the difference between the grumpy guy I have been for the past 2 days and the usual kick ass fun guy they know me as yesterday night.

Its not like me did not try hard. Me tried hard. But when something causes you to faint. You better stop doing that. So me dropped my attempts to go smoke free. And me embraced my friend all over again. Though not with renewed vigor. Me know that nobody should be given this much importance. Esp not women. And that too in my life. They tend to screw you over and you don even know about it. But atleast with smokes me know about it.

And all of you. Yes you non-smoking assholes. Buzz off. Don give me statistics as to how many people die from smoking and shit. i want those people to live. So that I can bum cigarettes or lights from them. I want somebody to give me company when am smoking. You are the ones who want people who smoke to die. So that you can get people's case like mine.

Me got 2 words for you. Fuck. Off!

Seriously I mean me tried being in your non-smokers world for 48 hrs and trust me it sucks. SO totally sucks. I love my life. And am not going to let it suck.

ps: On a serious note. Seriously slap me the next time I talk about quitting smoking.


anN-series said...

F.O. u chain smaoker!!! we women folk were celebrating the fact that we finally found someone who "understands" us!!!

Zennmaster said...

hey am tellin you i understand you people... its just that me don want the pain bit of it.. it is as they a pain...

Ria said...

tut tut...if only ud have hung on..the withdrawal symptoms would have passed... and ud have noticed, its actually fun being a non-smoker.

anyways..happy polluting!

**anything to keep u from ranting/bitching (thatz sorta us female's privilege! hehehhee!) ;D

stay safe!

Nish said...


Martinez said...

Amen to that Brotha. Non smokers will never know true satisfaction,
After reading this ive decided to get written on my tombstone

"It Was Worth It"