Friday, 27 July 2007


Statutory Warning : This is meant for people who think they are god's gift to mankind and thereby have the right and feel the need to arrest other people's freewill. This is not a polite discussion this is a fucking cry of war. People who do not like abusive language please re-fuck-frain from reading this post. This also is a warning for people who believe in the intellectual caliber of our government and its workers who the majority of you have elected.

This is what I have been reading off-late in every single paper and online news ticker. Banning of public smoking followed by banning of smoking in offices yadda yadda yadda. Fuck nothing pisses me off more than people telling other people what to do and what not to do.

Sample this:

Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Friday said that the anti-tobacco law would be broadened to curb smoking at workplaces. 'Already there is no smoking in public places, so we are going to say that workplace policies, tobacco free work place policies... and any other place where there is an employee- whether it is a restaurant, a bar, a hotel or an office, nobody could smoke,' Ramadoss told reporters after receiving World Health Organization (WHO) Director General's Special Award for Tobacco Control.


Every single office ain't under your command all right. This aint 1984, neither am I a citizen of a country where the leader ain't a fucking dictator. All right so you are talking about safe guarding people who don't smoke. And their free will of not smoking is impinged you got a point in hand.

'If anybody wants to smoke they could go to the road or could go top of their houses, and if anybody is not following this they will be stringently punished- financially... and we are looking at other alternatives,' he added.

Who the fuck are you tell me where the fuck I want to smoke. If am all alone in the office or at home. Why the fuck do I have to go to the terrace to smoke. And money is all you can think isn't it when it comes to smoking. I mean I don't mind paying money as fine but I will fucking make sure that i fucking blow smoke rings in your face. Chuth. And I can't actually believe that somebody can actually say that. Chuth.

While tobacco has been considered to be an important contributor to Indian economy, the economic contribution of tobacco is far less than the deleterious effects of tobacco on health, environmental and social aspects.
'The total economic cost of treating related diseases was estimated at almost Rs.308.33 million in 2002-03 and this was significantly less than the total tax receipts of the Government, from tobacco,' said Ramadoss.

So you are saying if the reciepts generated by tobacco sales matches or exceeds the cost of recon expenditure then it is ok to smoke and you will propogate it. Talk about being a hypocritical sonofabitch. As far as health aspects are concerned, make cigarettes to be doctor prescribed med's instead of over the counter drugs. Environmental aspects??? Bitch you haven't been able to implement "2-wheeler wear helmet rule" as a blanket rule. You haven't been able to do anything about the narmada dam shit. Talking about environment. Social Aspects??? Every tom dick and harry knows that people who smoke bond way better and more strongly than non-smokers. Am pretty sure that a lot of bonding whether its in office or in club all happens over a cigarette. What I won't recommend is smoking in front of kids or Women who are expecting. You wanna give the safe gaurd the interest of people who are bothered by smokers. Then give them some other options. Cause I will not fucking give up smoking.

It had planned to start a campaign from June, which included printing of skull and cross-bone images on all tobacco product packaging as well as starker written warnings such as 'Your smoking kills babies' .

I think its better to kill babies than to bring them into this world where sex education is still a taboo. You as a health minister should make sure that before you talk about babies and bees you fucking make sure everybody knows how the fuck to use a fucking condom. Kills babies it seems. And what exactly are you trying to tell us by putting the skull and the bones on the pack that Phantom also smoked. That people who smoke don't know that they are killing themselves. Dude we are smokers not dickheads or fuckwits!!! Get that into your barren patch called forhead which is now being considered to be used as a reflective surface to contact ET. Chuth.

But opposition from politicians, including Central and State ministers, and some ruling Congress Party MPs led a group of ministers dealing with the plan to delay and dilute its implementation.

I wonder if these people have the same passion as me??? Or is there some ulterior motive behind it.

'Consensus is difficult always. But then, you have to keep fighting for what you want to achieve, and the fight goes on,' Ramadoss said, without giving a timetable for final launch of the campaign.

Consensus will be difficult because you are being a selfish sonofabitch and you fucking are not showing any consideration for the other party involved. You are being a chuth and you know that. Chuth.

The Central Government's efforts to enforce a ban on smoking scenes in films last year met with stiff opposition from filmmakers, who called it a curb on creative expression. A blanket ban is yet to come into effect.

Like I said sonofabitch is getting a kick outta me reacting to all this. Bastard. But I swear to god if some shit like this happens, where you take permission from the maid if you can smoke in your own house. Me gonna go ahead and carry out my fool-proof plan of mass destruction of his shiny forehead and his indescrible behind which will be so mangled at the end of it that it will represent art itself. Creative destruction at it finest.

PS: Don fucking mess with my smokes. Learn to respect it and I shall respect you.

pps: I don't like WHO anymore ( used to like it before because it was the first UN body I knew the full form to. Not anymore. Not from the moment it gave the goddamn award to this chuth. Chuth)


utopia said...

it truly sux. think a few years down the line they wouldn't let us smoke in clubs too. sigh! we just choose to ignore the implications. its a personal choice wonder why they impose thier opinion on us.

Anonymous said...

the ban is in place...and i dun like to go out anywhere coz dammit i can't lite my smoke....even Pubs re...i hope the bastard dies soon of...lung cancer..a disgusted, fellow bangalorean

Zennmaster said...

The silver lining is, after weeks of visiting places where I can get a decent drink and can light up without having to step outside...have found couple of places in Bangalore where you can smoke and if you want to go grab a drink or 2 and light up...hit me the britney spears way...:P