Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I finally did the unthinkable!

Hours before ( 16 hours to be precise ) me had my last smoke. And yes i had written about this earlier but the last time around I succumbed to the whole i need nicotine now phase pretty quick. And i have to tell you that i have a new found respect to those who have been moderate to heavy smokers and have quit.

They probably went through the same things whcih am going through now. I decided that am going to document each day and charter my progress. At the moment, my head is splitting, and my eyes are watering due to some irritation. My mouth is feeling damn dry even though I have been drinking water and right now sucking on a candy. There is this huge urge for me to go and buy myself a pack of cigarettes and smoke them out till am feeling alright. But me won't do.

Anyway am not stepping out of the office anywhere. Me gonna be sitting in my cabin all day long.

Though I really don't know as to why i want to quit smoking this time. Considering the fact that am feeling shitty as shit and smokes have always helped me get a perspective on things and help me move on. And this time i don't want the smokes to help me. I just wanna feel shitty mourn it all out and move on. I don't want to speed up this mourning period. I want this to take its course, finish and never to return again. The next period of next 6-8 weeks is going to be crucial. Lets see, how it goes.

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