Monday, 23 July 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowded room? Or felt like breaking down but couldn't because there are people around you? Have you felt the pangs of guilt eat your innards and you try and fill those up with booze smokes lame jokes. But its those memories, the thoughts the dreams which mangle you up, twist your guts beyond all recognition.

These memories have a way of getting way more amplified, when you are alone, when you are in a new city, in the midst of new faces. The fact that you have to keep your emotions in check so that somebody you don't know doesn come to know that you are feeling vulnerable. The fact that radio has to play some new songs and you suddenly find meaning in its lyrics. You just want to sing along and let go of all the emotions you been bottling up in the confines of your house. Try and find an answer to how and where things went wrong. You bring in all the guilt present in this guilty world and you take it upon yourself to carry it on your already weary shoulders. You blame yourself more and more. Well stop blaming yourself and hit the bottle i say.

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Ria said...

i thought you were getting poetic...and then i read the last line ;D