Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Day 2...

Well, day 2. And honestly i feel miserable. I don like the fact that it is making feel like a woman pms'in. I mean sure it is nothing compared to the pain, but everything else is the same. Nish would know all about being the prime witness to all the mood swings. In the last 24 hours here is how I have worsened.

1. My mouth still feels dry. Even after drinking truckloads of water. Keeping candy or chewing gum.

2. My head still continues to hurt. Me think its begining to rattle now. Not a good sign I should say.

3. I crib and whine like a pussy. And I don't even realise that am doing all this till i saw my roomies expression

4. Normally am a hugger and a arm over the shoulder person but from yesterday, the slightest physical contact irritates me.

5. Did I mention my head hurts?

6. I start to think about things which make me laugh and the very next moment they start to mind fuck me.

7. Hate getting out of bed, feel awfully tired.

Now I know how women feel when they having that time of the month, and from all this experience you can bet your well formed or not so well formed ass that me going to be extra sensitive about them and no more jokes about them. Period. And no that was not a joke. Though I wonder how many people would have got that.

The best part is that me got understanding roomies. They try and not get shouted at. Me explained them what they can expect and how worse it can get.

The worst part is that one of my junior's in office his cousin died yesterday. Guess how? By DRINKING. I mean i have not heard people who die of excessive smoking. Anyway i will not recommend anybody to start smoking. But i sure as hell will recommend everybody not to quit smoking. One guy suffering from cessation is enough for the entire smoker's community to take notice and not quit smoking.

I cant believe am saying bye to my best friend and mistress. Fuck!. And they say its going get a bit worse in the coming days and then its going to be bit easy. Fuck! cant wait for that to happen.

ps: say if i go through the entire period of say 3 days. Should reward myself with a pack of smokes?

pps: jus kidding!

ppps: can I ???

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anN-series said...

at last we got one man (!?!!) who understands women and our 'mahine ke woh din'.Period. :~P