Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tata-Birla Chennai...

Bags are all packed, but you always have this irritating feeling at the back of your head that you are forgetting something. Something important which you made a mental note couple of days, hell couple of minutes back. Anyway fuck it. If I have forgetten it I aint gonna go fetch it now.

I did an inventory, and turns out of all the things am falling short of boxers. Jeez. Anyway... I just wanted to say the following words to all the people who knew me down here. If i have hurt you, you wanna thank me, love me, hate me. keep it to yourself. Right now I really don't give a fuck.
For the people who are wondering where am moving out to, well not far but still its not chennai. The neighbouring state. Blore. But that's were my bags will be. Being the new Project Manager for IT Recruitment, I will have to be travelling. Woohoo! =)

After ages i ll be a nomad again. Even though they playing hotel california on the radio, I really feel like singing. Wherever I may Roam. But i do confess that I had finally begun to like chennai. The quaint coffee shops. The beach. Sathyam. The clubs where I was looked upon as god and no i did not mean the dance floor.

But its like a broken marriage now with chennai. There are just too many things here which once used to evoke a smile of sweet memories, now is fastest way to hit depression. So am doing what any man with an ex-wife will do. Move out! So see you people. Drop in to blore, got a nice bachelor pad waiting for me. ;) You do know what that means. House parties baby. Work ( harder... maybe... I donno ) Party like this is the last party the people will moral lathi's will allow. So tata-birla. yea I know its a PJ... so? kill me...

Oh before i forget what I really wanna tell you all...

So Long Suckers..... ! =P


Ria said...

happy moving :) tc!

**dint i see u in chennai today **bewildered**?

Ria said...

**john denver playing in the backgrnd**

"all my bags are packed.. im ready to go..."


hope this marriage works!